Why Cheerios Reminds Me of Delta Air Lines Lately

I do not watch television very often; but I have been interested in advertising for as long as I can remember…

Why Cheerios Reminds Me of Delta Air Lines Lately

…so when I started seeing and hearing the commercials from the latest advertising campaign from Cheerios — which is a breakfast cereal made from oats and manufactured by General Mills — I kept thinking of Delta Air Lines.

I then realized why.

The slogan of the advertising campaign for Cheerios in 2017 is Good Goes Around.

Can you guess what was the advertising campaign for Delta Air Lines in 2005, when Simplifares still existed?

If you guessed Good Goes Around, well — you would be correct. How did you know that?

What is interesting about that campaign is that the official song for it was the 1969 song Happiness Runs by Donovan — yes, the same Donovan who brought us such classic songs from the 1960s as Sunshine Superman and Mellow Yellow.

If you would like to be entertained, find out what were the opinions of FlyerTalk members of the Good Goes Around advertising campaign from Delta Air Lines when it was released in 2005 — including when the song was given away free of charge for anyone who wanted to download it.


My recollection is that the Good Goes Around advertising campaign from Delta Air Lines did not last very long.

I personally was not bowled over by the campaign when it was released; and I still do not particularly care for it today — despite the positive message it attempted to convey — but apparently it was still lurking in the recesses of my mind and brought to the forefront with the heralding of the Good Goes Around advertising campaign from Cheerios.

This is not a serial issue for me — even though I can go round for round — as I do not intend to milk this phenomenon…

Photograph ©2007 by Brian Cohen.

3 thoughts on “Why Cheerios Reminds Me of Delta Air Lines Lately”

  1. colleen says:

    Far be it from me to poke a hole in your circular logic.

    You might appreciate Kip Addotta’s “Life in the Slaw Lane”:


    It’s delightful for the punners among us. Here’s a script of the lyrics:


    1. Brian Cohen says:

      Are you familiar with Wet Dreams by Kip Addotta, colleen?


      We shell sea weather or not it will run rings around the song you provided…

      1. colleen says:

        Love it – thanks for the tip.

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