"Why Do People Want to Use MY Points and Miles?"

Are you a frequent traveler who has been approached by other people — including strangers — who ask to use your miles or points? This has happened to FlyerTalk member moman, which has led to a Minor Rant: Why do people want to use my points?

Have you ever been approached by someone so brash and blunt as for that person to believe that he or she is entitled to your miles and points upon request?

Some FlyerTalk members speculate that perhaps people believe the miles and points are equal to free travel at no cost to the owner of those miles and points. Other FlyerTalk members believe that there is a perception that miles and points have no value and therefore could be just given away upon request. Still other FlyerTalk members feel that some people indeed do give away their miles and points liberally to others, which may soften the barrier of approaching someone and simply asking for their miles and points, or at least paying for them for less cost that what it would take to purchase flights or hotel rooms outright.

There is one thing that is generally agreed upon by most FlyerTalk members: those who ask for miles and points usually have no clue as to the time and effort spent to accumulate them…

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