Why I Did Not Go to The Spotted Cheetah to Dine

“What will they think of next..gee let me guess, another stupid azz idea as this one. Sad thing is, is that people will pay for it.. maybe I could come up with something. take care all” is this comment which was posted by scott — who is a reader of The Gate — in response to this article pertaining to a restaurant in New York whose menu is based on breakfast cereal

Why I Did Not Go to The Spotted Cheetah to Dine

…“Apparently, the next big idea may very well be lurking on the shelves of your local supermarket” is how I responded to scott.

This is one of those times I am not proud to be correct, as a restaurant called The Spotted Cheetah had opened for three days in New York earlier this week — with an entire menu based on Cheetos, which is a snack food made of crunchy puffed corn and covered with powdered cheese.


Here is the complete menu as created by chef Anne Burrell:


Cheetos Crusted Fried Pickles + Creamy Ranch

Time to get your paws messy! These Cheetos crusted fried pickles are meant for dunking in creamy homemade ranch. We condone the use of all hands and paws as utensils.

Cheetos Grilled Cheese + Tomato Soup

A deliciously familiar comfort food to warm every Cheetos lover’s soul. A hearty Cheetos tomato soup and small grilled cheese sandwiches filled with bacon, tomato and cheesy Cheetos.

Cheetos Meatballs

Classic Italian meets “Dangerously Cheesy.” These Cheetos, beef, pork and veal meatballs are served in a fresh, hearty tomato herb sauce and sprinkled with ricotta cheese.

Purrfectly Fried Green Tomatoes

Nothing says green tomatoes like white Cheetos — especially when the tomatoes are breaded with a crispy White Cheddar Cheetos crust, fried and paired with a fresh corn and cherry tomato arugula salad.


Flamin’ Hot and White Cheddar Mac n’ Cheetos

White Cheddar Cheetos. Spicy jalapeños. Bacon. Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Chipotle Ranch crust. All in one decadent dish. Need we say more?

Cheetos Mix-ups Crusted Chicken Milanese

Because variety is the spice of life, this chicken fillet comes crusted with the four cheesy flavors of Cheetos Mix-Ups and paired with a salad of mixed greens, hazelnuts and pickled onions, topped with even more Cheetos Mix-Ups.

Spicy Cheetos Nachos

Cheetos are the new tortilla chips. These “nachos” are smothered with spicy sausage ragù and creamy cheese, then piled high with crisp lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeños and a dollop of sour cream.

Flamin’ Hot Limón Chicken Tacos

We could describe the masterful combination of perfectly seasoned chicken tacos, crunchy veggies and Flamin’ Hot Limón Cheetos, but instead we’re just going to say, “You’re welcome.”


Cheetos Sweetos Crusted Cheesecake

Get yourself a forkful of my rich goat cheese cheesecake with a crunchy Cheetos Sweetos crust. If that wasn’t enough, the delicious blueberry compote is like the icing on the (cheese)cake. Pun very intended.

Cheetos Sweetos Sweet and Salty Cookies

Every dreamy bite of these warm cookies is packed with Cinnamon Sugar Cheetos Sweetos. In fact, they’re dangerously delicious when dunked in the Cheetos Sweetos Salted Caramel dipper.

White Cheddar Cheetos and Cheetos Sweetos Apple Crepes

Eating these light and airy crepes topped with a blend of White Cheddar Cheetos and Cinnamon Sugar Cheetos Sweetos crumbles is like biting into a cheesy, apple-y cloud.


If you missed the restaurant experience — from what I understand, it was a success — you can download this digital cookbook free of charge; but if you visited, I an curious to know what you thought of your experience.

Although I could do without them, I have infrequently munched on Cheetos — as well as its brethren from a competitor called Cheez Doodles — on rare occasions in the past. I never particularly cared for them, which is one reason I would not have patronized this temporary restaurant — even if the restaurant was located within walking distance for me.

I also generally do not believe in mixing “junk food” with “real food” — such as putting corn chips on sandwiches to give them a crunch factor. If I want a crunch factor on my sandwich, give me pickles any day of the week…

…and even though I truly enjoyed snacking on Intense Pickle flavour Doritos while I was in Canada, I would not think about incorporating them into a meal. As I said, I am not a junk-food junkie — although I do enjoy snacks between meals…

…but apparently, there is a trend of taking ordinary products found on the shelves in supermarkets and elevating them to a level which warrants a bag of snacks or a box of cereal priced at four or five dollars — already too expensive, in my opinion — to cost as much as $22.00 for a “dining experience.”

No thank you…

Source: The Spotted Cheetah.

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