Why I Would Never Purchase SkyMiles Select From Delta Air Lines

Earlier this week, Delta Air Lines began exclusively offering members of the SkyMiles frequent flier loyalty program a bundle of travel benefits called SkyMiles Select for $59.00 per year; and the bundle includes unlimited access to priority boarding at the gate for the passenger and up to eight companions, eight drink vouchers for your favorite beverages on board, and a limited-edition luggage tag.

Why I Would Never Purchase SkyMiles Select From Delta Air Lines

You can enjoy the aforementioned travel benefits within 24 hours of enrolling in the SkyMiles Select program.

Delta Air Lines values the SkyMiles Select bundle at $100.00 per year; and the values are based on current on-board pricing for domestic flights operated by Delta Air Lines. Alcoholic beverages may be complimentary based on the cabin of service or the flight selected and therefore would not require the use of a drink certificate. The total value of $100.00 is based on a maximum value of:

  • Nine dollars per drink certificate for a total of eight certificates valid for one year; and
  • $15.00 per Priority Boarding purchase per flight leg, based on an average of one round-trip flight per year.

Main Cabin 1 Priority Boarding

To receive Main Cabin 1 Priority Boarding on Delta Air Lines and Delta Connection flights during the SkyMiles Select membership term, the reservation must include the SkyMiles membership number of the member of SkyMiles Select. Priority Boarding is also available for passengers traveling in the same reservation as the member of SkyMiles Select. A maximum of nine passengers per reservation can receive the Priority Boarding benefit. Priority Boarding will only be available on flights operated by Delta Air Lines and Delta Connection. Delta Air Lines does not offer Priority Boarding on Delta Shuttle flights.

Drink Certificates

Drink certificates can be accessed via the MyWallet feature when logged into your SkyMiles account at Delta.com or the Fly Delta mobile software application program. No physical drink certificates will be mailed to members of SkyMiles Select. Alcoholic beverages are available in flight on most flights operated by Delta Air Lines and Delta Connection for customers who are a minimum of 21 years of age. The voucher must be printed when flying on Delta Connection carriers operated on an aircraft without a First Class cabin. Voucher is subject to all applicable laws and void where prohibited by law. All selections are subject to availability. Duplicated or altered vouchers will not be accepted. Certificates have no cash value. Vouchers expire one year after issuance and the expiration date is noted directly on the voucher. Certificates cannot be sold, auctioned or bartered, and any attempt to do so will render them void.

Limited-Edition Bag Tag

SkyMiles Select members are entitled to one limited-edition bag tag. It will be mailed to the shipping address listed in the account profile of the SkyMiles member at the time of purchase.

Other Select Terms and Conditions

This offer is non-transferable, and ineligible registrations may be cancelled. SkyMiles Members age 21+ residing within the United States and its territories may subscribe to SkyMiles Select for $59 for a period of one year. Membership fees must be paid with a valid U.S. major credit card. This membership does not automatically renew. SkyMiles Members can earn Medallion Qualification Dollars (MQDs) from purchase of SkyMiles Select membership. Benefits include eight in-flight complimentary drink certificates redeemable on Delta and Delta Connection flights, unlimited access to “Main Cabin 1” Priority Boarding on Delta and Delta Connection flights during the Membership Term, and one limited-edition bag tag. Membership and benefits are valid for 365 days starting the day after customer enrollment. Product is non-refundable/non-transferable. Medallion Members and holders of the Delta SkyMiles Credit Card by American Express may already enjoy Main Cabin 1 Priority Boarding or better; purchase of the membership does not entitle subscriber to any further-enhanced boarding benefit.

All SkyMiles program rules apply to SkyMiles Program Membership, miles, offers, mile accrual, mile redemption and travel benefits. To review the rules, please visit Membership Guide & Program Rules. Offers void where prohibited by law. Other restrictions may apply. Limited to one membership within 365-day period. Multiple registrations under this offer are not allowed. Offers, rules and benefits are subject to change at any time without notice.


I always seem to receive my e-mail messages last from travel providers pertaining to promotions; so please pardon me if I am late with this and other articles.

The main reason why I would never purchase SkyMiles Select from Delta Air Lines is simple: I do not drink alcoholic beverages; and unlimited priority boarding for Main Cabin passengers — which is not at the beginning of the boarding process anyway — for flights operated by Delta Air Lines means little to me, so I would never get any value out of this program…

…but if you have not earned SkyMiles Medallion Elite level status and find the travel benefits which are included with SkyMiles Select to be important to you, you might find value in joining up with this program — especially if what you spend on the individual travel benefits per year would exceed the annual fee of $59.00.

As confirmed by Charles Barkowski of Running With Miles, passengers who purchase Basic Economy tickets are eligible to use SkyMiles Select if they are members of the program — and for them, that $59.00 annual fee becomes more of a value.

Photograph ©2018 by Brian Cohen.

2 thoughts on “Why I Would Never Purchase SkyMiles Select From Delta Air Lines”

  1. Charlie says:

    On the FAQ page it says that Basic Economy tickets are included as well.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      Excellent, Charlie; and thank you. That is a good deal for Basic Economy passengers.

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