Source: Citizens for Greater Idaho.

Why Seven Counties Voted to Leave Oregon For Idaho

As many people in the United States celebrated Independence Day today, Sunday, July 4, 2021, the residents of seven counties in the state of Oregon are hoping that one day — if and when you perhaps decide to travel to where they are based — you will instead be visiting the state of Idaho.

Why Seven Counties Voted to Leave Oregon For Idaho

In addition to Union County and Jefferson County voting back on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 in favor of seceding from Oregon and being incorporated into the state of Idaho, Sherman County, Lake County, Grant County, Baker County, and Malheur County — all of which are located in eastern Oregon — also voted on Tuesday, May 18, 2021 for becoming a part of the state of Idaho by moving the border between the two states to extend the jurisdiction of Idaho over the rural and conservative counties of eastern and southern Oregon. None of the counties voted against secession, as the average in favor was approximately 62 percent.

“This election proves that rural Oregon wants out of Oregon. If Oregon really believes in liberal values such as self-determination, the Legislature won’t hold our counties captive against our will,” according to this article which is posted at the official Internet web site of Citizens for Greater Idaho — of which Mike McCarter is the current president. “If we’re allowed to vote for which government officials we want, we should be allowed to vote for which government we want as well.”

Citizens for Greater Idaho claims that “Northwestern Oregon is embarking on social experiments: a cultural revolution that rural counties want no part of.  Eastern Oregon and Southern Oregon have normal American cultures and values.  This area votes exactly like Idaho in national elections.” The proposal of Citizens for Greater Idaho “would put 18 south and east Oregon counties and three partial Oregon counties under the governance of Idaho instead of Oregon. This is 76% of the land area of Oregon and 21% of the population of Oregon. As this area had a 2019 population of 873,000, and Idaho had a population of 1.8 M, it would increase the population of Idaho by 49% in phase 1.”

Should the movement for the secession of southern and eastern Oregon into the state of Idaho be successful, Idaho would become the third largest state in the United States in terms of area.

This is not the first effort of some of the aforementioned areas of Oregon to secede. Cascadia defines the Pacific Northwest of the United States and Canada — incorporating the province of British Columbia and the states of Washington, Oregon, parts of Idaho, southern Alaska, and northern California through the watersheds of the Columbia River, Fraser River, and Snake River valleys — and is seeking to either become a more autonomous region or secede from the United States and Canada altogether.


In addition to Cascadia, there apparently has been a race as to which region, district or territory will become the next state of the United States first — the District of Columbia becoming Washington Douglass Commonwealth; the proposed state of Jefferson; or the commonwealth of Puerto Rico, where 61 percent of its citizens voted in a referendum in support of the financially-strapped island to become a state in 2012…

…and those are only four of a number of possible candidates for statehood.

One of the reasons why we have borders around the world is political; and the proposed secession of the aforementioned counties from Oregon to Idaho is no exception.

Happy Independence Day 2021…

Source: Citizens for Greater Idaho.

  1. As much as I can sympathize with their reasons for wanting to do so, this is really not very democratic.

    1. Define democratic? 62% of those countries residents want no part in Oregon.

      And by the way, you should understand ours is republic.

      1. Changing boundaries based on political leanings seems undemocratic, in fact here the Republicans are in danger of losing a seat in Congress because of it. Also unless there is no chance of a conservative comeback in Oregon, doesn’t it make the problem worse if they move out?

    2. Democracy is slavery. 51% of the people in a geographic region enslaves 49% under a system of government sanctioned violence ushered by the police.

      Democracy is counter to the concept of freedom, individual liberty, self determination, self governance, and consent of the governed.

      Republicans would be wise to stop pretending voting on a national level will lead to any good conservative outcome. That is impossible when different demographics guarantee people will always have different views and vote against each other. Illegal immigration means we won’t have freedom unless we fight for it and have conservative leaders who will tell us to use our numbers to say no instead of vote and follow the orders of our enemies.

      If people want to be independent, you support slavery if you deny them the freedom to be independent.

  2. This is not only democratic, this is completely consistent with the founding of the United States.

    It’s a confederation of states, not a unified country.
    Succession was expected in the event of conflicts like this.

    I support it fully, everyone should. It’s the most American value possible – freedom to live your life how you want – without others telling you how to live.

  3. when the select/elite minority wants to tell the majority how to live their lives, its time to get the heck out of Dodge.

    Wish other counties in the US had the b@lls of these Oregon counties.

    1. Except that these counties are not the majority. Quite the opposite. These are sparsely populated counties.

  4. I live in Oregon. I can tell you that these wack-jobs that voted in a meaningless election believe that Trump was sent by God, laws are for everybody else but themselves, Qanon is a respectable religion and Covid vaccines are satanic. These counties are going nowhere but these wack-jobs are certainly free to move to Idaho.

    1. As apposed to your liberal belief, which you want to force on everyone else. There should be an “electoral college” type vote in all states to Equalize the votes of the large populations of cities.

  5. In yeas past, you would periodically hear talk about splitting Northern Virginia off from the rest of VA due to that part of the state being so politically different. It was never all that serious (it certainly never got as far as this), and the rest of VA seems to have changed enough that this is even less of a possibility than it was.

    I’d be VERY surprised (pleasantly) if these counties in OR are able to pull this off.

  6. Steve – I don’t think you understand that everyone’s vote is equal regardless of what they believe or why they voted. Love how the liberals, the champions of everyone’s freedoms and rights to be who they want to be only believe your vote should matter if you believe the same things as them. They are just as bad as the far right who thinks the same way. You are all so full of SHT. Someone’s reason for voting is as private as anything else in their head and whether they believe Trump was sent from God or that Biden DOESN’T have cognitive issues…a vote is a vote and to call someone a wack-job because they don’t believe the same thing as you is abut as unamerican and undemocratic as it gets. History decides who the wack-jobs are, not us. Steve just remember you are no different from those wack-jobs, just a different flavor, so how about you mind your own business which would be the American thing to do.

    Regarding the other comments about a republic…the founding fathers had no intention of giving everyone the right to vote and they believed the power rested in the states, not the federal government. Anyone on the left who wants to talk about the foundations of the country and the intention of our founders as a basis for their views should remember that they much more closely resembled the republican party.

  7. I guess you missed the part of it being Oregon land.
    If you don’t like it there you are FREE to move elsewhere. You just can’t take the land.

  8. This is impermissible under the Constitution and will never be allowed to happen by either Oregon’s legislature nor Congress. Too bad Gary didn’t think to explain that.

    Article IV, Section 3.
    New States may be admitted by the Congress into this Union; but no new State shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State; nor any State be formed by the Junction of two or more States, or Parts of States, without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congress.

    1. Ben – maybe I’m misunderstanding why you quoted that, but it has nothing to do with the issue in this article. That text is only in regards to the formation of new states. Nobody is creating a new state here (it will still just be Washington and Idaho)…although the dems have talked about tuning DC into a state because they know it would be blue….and they say republicans do ridiculous underhanded things to try and alter the balance of government.

  9. There are several other places in the USA where this is going on. I live in Illinois and we have seen progress toward a new state being formed in recent years. We have had over 24 counties with 70 to 80% passing non-binding resolutions or simply voting to support forming a new state that doesn’t include Liberal Cook county. Most of the counties outside of Chicago are fairly conservative and have had too much oppression from the voting block in Chicago.

  10. Many of us in Eastern Washington would like to merge with Idaho as well. IMO this would not be a viable move. The financial
    Impact to both states and citizens would be horrendous. The political influence of Western Washington is in conflict with many of the Eastern Washington values. Many decades ago Washington was a more conservative state but that changed with the influence of newcomers to Western Washington voting in the more liberal politicians in almost every tier of government – from city council members, mayors, Congress, and governors. It’s needs to be a grass roots change…we need to keep pounding away at it. It may not happen during our lifetime but perhaps in the next generation. Can’t or don’t have time to go to city council or school board meetings? Then start with your children – make sure they are not being indoctrinated by a liberal school program. Our children need your guidance to make a better future for themselves and this great country we live in.

  11. I am a moderate Democrat, and all I can say is what comes around goes around. I am a resident of Virginia which has not elected statewide since 2009. That’s 12 years ago, but the state legislature didn’t flip to the Democrat’s until 2020 which is a full 11 years late. The Republican’s through control of the state legislature essentially controlled the state. The only Democratic initiative they approved was expansion of Medicaid and even that was limited and had a work requirement and happened the legislative session I believe before the Democrat’s took the state legislature. I have a Republican coworker and he’s brainwashed into thinking the rest of Virginia is going to become socialist. Well, folks the majority wanted Medicaid expansion, a increased minimum wage, collective bargaining for public employees, protections for the LBQTA population, etc.. but it was denied for a full decade. Republican’s devious gerrymandering allowed them to thwart the will of the people for over a decade. So guess what, what comes around goes around.

    Now having said all that, I am a democrat with a small D. I believe we need two parties. Absolute power leads to absolute corruption. Oh and Republican’s who jettison the whole social conservatism dogma can and do win in liberal states. I see Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maryland some of the most liberal states in the union have Republican Governor’s. Republican’s can and should win races in Democratic states and vice versa, but alas our partisanship is getting worse over time. As a moderate, I wish both parties could jettison their extreme fringes and be more moderate. The extreme partisanship and one party control of states is not good for democracy.

    1. I highly doubt any majority want protections for the “LBQTA” population. If people keep what’s supposed to be private to themselves then there would not be any need for protections.

  12. Arlington – couldn’t agree more. I figured the 2020 election would show both sides that nobody wants the extremes but they insist on bending to twitter which perpetuates the illusion that the far sides have some disproportional power. Why can’t the dems tell AOC and Talib to pound sand and leave the country if it’s so awful for them just as the Republicans should do the same to the Trump sycophants. I think the first party to realize they are better off moving to the center will have a majority.

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