Win an iPad: Who Do You Think Will Launch the 1,000,000th Thread on FlyerTalk — and When?

If you are the lucky FlyerTalk member who launches the 1,000,000th thread on FlyerTalk, you will win a new Apple iPad, courtesy of FlyerTalk member and founder Randy Petersen.

The posting of the 1,000,000th thread on FlyerTalk is expected to occur sometime within the next two weeks. The next issue of TalkMail will have a story which will highlight this unique and incredible milestone, and the winner will be announced here in The Gate, which is the official weblog of FlyerTalk. This story will also get picked up on the FlyerTalk Twitter feed.

Here is an early congratulations to FlyerTalk for reaching the milestone of having one million threads posted to it. What a remarkable achievement!

So — who do you think will post the one millionth thread on FlyerTalk, when do you believe it will happen, in which FlyerTalk forum will this special moment occur, and what will be the topic of the one millionth thread?

Could the person who launches the 1,000,000th FlyerTalk thread be you?!?

2 thoughts on “Win an iPad: Who Do You Think Will Launch the 1,000,000th Thread on FlyerTalk — and When?”

  1. essxjay says:

    Wouldn’t it be fitting if Pudding Guy popped up for a special guest appearance and just happened start the millionth thread? Talk about a lifetime quinella. 🙂

  2. Amy Rubins says:

    A million threads is amazing. Hmmm I should start thinking about a newsworthy topic.

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