Winter Storm to Affect Northeastern United States

I f you are traveling to or from the northeastern United States tomorrow in anticipation of celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday this coming Thursday, you may want to consider alternate plans, as a significant winter storm is expected to dump as much as a foot of snow in some places and significant rain in other places.

One to three inches of snow are expected in places such as New York, Philadelphia, Boston and the District of Columbia from tomorrow through Thanksgiving Day; while Portland, Worcester and Albany could experience up to a foot of snow.

Locations as far south as northeastern Tennessee and southwestern North Carolina could experience a light dusting of snow; while rain is expected for points east and as far south as Florida.

Check with your travel provider and traffic reports to get the latest updates as to how — or if — your travel plans will be affected; and also realize that your travels can be affected even if you are not traveling to or from the northeastern United States as a result of some domino effect…

Weather map courtesy of AccuWeather. Click here to access the official Internet web site of; and click here for more information and specific details on the winter weather storm expected for the Thanksgiving holiday of 2014.

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