Winter Weather in United States Causes Travel Delays For FlyerTalk Members

While this latest winter storm will most likely be more of a nuisance than anything else, this weather map illustrates where travel is expected in be impacted through Thursday as a result of the winter storm moving into the midwestern United States. Weather map courtesy of AccuWeather. Click on the weather map above to access the official Internet web site of

The latest round of winter weather is finally waning in much of the United States — but not without significantly impacting the travel plans of FlyerTalk members…
…and winter has only begun, as a new storm is set to impact the midwestern United States through tomorrow with light snow, ice, and mixed precipitation to cities such as St. Louis and Indianapolis, which already had suffered from being blanketed with 11 inches of snow and an official low temperature of -15° Fahrenheit earlier this week.
The frozen precipitation and dangerously frigid temperatures had forced delays and cancellations of flights, as illustrated in the FlyerTalk discussions listed below:

Even Cancun apparently was not immune from the recent outbreak of Arctic air which penetrated the eastern third of the United States. FlyerTalk member the bat posted “So I’m in Cancun for the first time in my life. We’ve been here about 5 days now and had one good weather day. It’s cool and raining almost all the time. The place we’re staying is beautiful and we love it, BUT I don’t think we’ll return at the beginning of January.”
Portions of northern Florida experienced low temperatures in the 20s.
As for the current winter storm, travel delays and slippery roads are expected — especially in such cities as Little Rock and Cincinnati. While this particular storm will not nearly have as much of an impact as the two most recent winter storms have had on travel in the United States and beyond, this winter storm — which weather forecasters predict will impact portions of at least 12 states — is expected to cause flight delays and cancellations for the remainder of this week.

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