Woman Dying of Breast Cancer Gets to Be With Family, Thanks to Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines springs into action for a dying breast cancer patient wanting to spend the final days of her life with her family in South Korea.
For several days, the woman and her daughter have been attempting to get to South Korea from Seattle, but Korean Air would not permit them on board, concerned of the possibility that she might die on the flight en route, potentially traumatizing fellow passengers. Despite that the woman — a patient losing her battle with Stage 4 breast cancer — was granted clearance by her doctors for her to fly to South Korea, Korean Air steadfastly refused, citing their policies which follow the guidelines set by the International Air Transport Association.
After she was repeatedly denied passage on Korean Airlines to her family in South Korea with whom she wanted to spend her final days, a gift was given to a Dying woman granted flight on Delta.
Delta Air Lines came to the rescue, not only flying both of them from Seattle to South Korea, but also upgrading them to the business class cabin so that they may travel in comfort.
Meanwhile, Korean Air refunded the airfare to the woman.