Woman Sues Qantas for Damages Resulting from Screaming Child

A 67-year-old American woman on her dream holiday in Australia claims to have literally been deafened by the scream of a three-year-old boy sitting across the aisle from her aboard a Qantas aircraft in Alice Springs whose destination was Darwin.

The woman and Qantas are attempting to resolve the issue in court more than a year after the incident allegedly occurred, in which the woman alleges permanent damage to her hearing which caused drastic changes to her life, including not being able to conduct business anymore.

FlyerTalk members discuss whether or not the woman has a case. Is Qantas responsible legally or financially?

2 thoughts on “Woman Sues Qantas for Damages Resulting from Screaming Child”

  1. This received a bit of attention in the Aussie press – only because for some strange reason, the bulk of the Aussie press love beating up on Qantas.

    According to the article in The Age, the woman had alleged hearing problems before she got on board.

    And I’m sorry, but I fail to see how it is the airlines problem if a 3 year old starts screaming and as a result, you decide you are now permanently deaf.

    The article goes on to say that the parties have now agreed to a confidential settlement. Which means, Qantas gave the silly cow a cheque to make the issue go away.

    Yes, I’m an Aussie. But I don’t love Qantas. In fact, I hardly fly them anymore. But this lawsuit was idiotic.

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