Women: How to Dress for Business Travel to the United States

Ladies, please try not to skirt this issue when traveling to the United States on business.

FlyerTalk member QMConsultant, who hails from Zurich, Switzerland, asks in the Business travel to US – clothing question thread about how to dress when traveling to the United States.

Hoping that she does not get hosed, other female FlyerTalk members post off-the-cuff advice that would simply make men pant.

If you have any advice to offer, please do not shoe away from posting in this thread and keep valuable information buttoned up underwear it will not be found. I do not believe anyone will bra-beat you or belt you if you are mistaken, so please participate in the thread.

I hope these puns kept you in stitches.

One thought on “Women: How to Dress for Business Travel to the United States”

  1. Hi guys… thanks, but why the hell does this underwear seem to be green??

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