Word of the Day: Derecline…

…as in the FA dereclines me.

Apparently, the definition of derecline — a verb — is the action of returning a reclined seat to its original position.

Take the example presented by FlyerTalk member aubreyfromwheaton, who accuses an Air France flight attendant of pushing the button and abruptly dereclining him as he was asking the flight attendant to repeat what she said when he had his headphones on his head while listening to music. Strangely enough, he was the only person dereclined within his immediate vicinity, even though the seats of other passengers were reclined.

At the time this was posted, there still is no explanation as to what prompted the flight attendant to take this course of action, or why…

2 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Derecline…”

  1. aubreyfromwheaton says:

    I think it’s because the guy behind me complained.

    But the problem was, she could have just asked me to sit forward, not jarred me abruptly.

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