World Deal Weeks: Discounts on Flights Operated by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines for a Limited Time

hrough January 26, 2015, you can book reservations for travel to greater than 100 destinations all over the world — and potentially save hundreds of Euros — with World Deal Weeks discounts on flights operated by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines originating from Amsterdam.

There are a minimum of eight round-trip flights to destinations within Europe which start at €99.00; while the most expensive airfare is from Amsterdam to Auckland which starts at €1,071.00 — a savings of €256.00. There is a 90 percent discount for babies younger than two years of age.

Interestingly, I found at least one itinerary between Amsterdam and Auckland which priced at €1,072.85 which included a booking fee of ten Euros — the terms and conditions of this promotion claim that a booking fee of ten Euros is not included in the airfares offered for sale — so you might be able to find airfares where you can save a little more money than you expected. The itinerary I found is the following:

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 3.28.51 PM

Eight hours and 40 minutes might be enough time to spend a couple of hours at the Bund in Shanghai or grab a meal at a restaurant there, depending on circumstances; and you will not need a visa.

The minimum stay for your trip must be seven nights except to destinations in Europe and the Middle East region where the minimum stay is three nights — or a minimum Saturday night stay in Europe or including a Saturday night during the three nights in the Middle East region — and the maximum stay can be no greater than three months except to destinations in Europe where the maximum stay can be no greater than one month. Changes and cancellations are not permitted except on flights within Europe where the change fee is €70.00; although portions of the promotion itself are subject to change.

You will earn 25 percent Flying Blue frequent flier loyalty program miles for flights booked from this promotion.

Travel periods may vary per destination; and there are a limited number of seats available for these promotional fares — especially during holiday periods.

The savings are not the greatest; and the mileage earnings do not exactly provoke excitement. Still, I hope that these airfares can save you some money on your travels if you are originating from Amsterdam…

2 thoughts on “World Deal Weeks: Discounts on Flights Operated by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines for a Limited Time”

  1. Need flight from sfo to Amsterdam then Johannesburg. Can you tell me the most economical way. I would like to stay in Amsterdam for a week or longer either on the way over or the way back.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      There are too many factors missing from your question for me to give you a definitive answer, Walther Weiland. For example, how long do you want to stay in Johannesburg? When do you want to travel? Are you willing to stop and change aircraft along the way; or do you only want nonstop flights?

      Please let me know and I will do what I can for you.

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