Space: The Worst Downgrade in Status in History? The Longest Delayed Flight?

“T he most epic-ly delayed flight ever may finally take off in February or March of next year”, wrote Jeanne Marie Hoffman of Heels First Travel pertaining to the first commercial flight by Virgin Galactic, for which you can pay the handsome sum of $250,000.00. “After three years of delays, adventurous tourists may finally get the chance to travel to outer space. Seriously.”

Tinged with a bit of wry levity, she also wrote that “there’s no word on whether or not passengers will receive airline credit for the delays”…

…but before there was a Virgin Galactic; and before there was a Heels First Travel — and even before there was a BoardingArea, for that matter — came one of the first articles I wrote for The Gate in its nascency pertaining to the possibility of earning frequent flier loyalty program miles for travel into space.

“All I can say is just imagine how many frequent flier miles one can earn with simply one round-trip flight between Earth and Pluto…” was how this short article containing links to pertinent discussions posted on FlyerTalk from August 19, 2006 ended.

Apparently I wrote that article only a week or so before Pluto was downgraded from being a planet to simply existing as a dwarf planet.

Forget about epic delayed flights…what happened to Pluto back in August of 2006 would have to qualify as the worst downgrade in status ever in recorded history…

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