Worst Use of Miles…Ever!

What is Your Worst-ever Use of Miles?

Would it be when you spent them to get your girlfriend to visit you, only to be dumped by her three days later? Perhaps it was to have your sister-in-law stay with you for three months, only to do little more than fight constantly during that time. Could it be when you should have saved your miles and spent only $105 more for a revenue airline ticket? Maybe it was when you allowed all of your miles to expire…

…or, as some FlyerTalk members admit, the worst use of miles was not only such a bad use of miles after all, but also perhaps the best use of those miles?!?

One thought on “Worst Use of Miles…Ever!”

  1. Derek Northcutt says:

    I couldn’t believe it: Used miles for First Class on Northwest Albuquerque to Minneapolis. There were no meals on board so the crew gave us each a $5 coupon to apply to food at MSP airport. I told the stewardess that $5 would only buy a cup of coffee, and that I don’t drink coffee. Horrible, horrible. I canceled my upcoming trip Amsterdam – Minneapolis (paid Business Class).

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