Would “Bark Hyatt” Resolve Some Pet Peeves?

Imagine a revamping of the pet policies at Hyatt Hotels and Resorts worldwide that would result in a new program called “Bark Hyatt.” The program would charge a fee for pets per stay — for example, $25.00 or $35.00, with a fee waiver for Platinum and Diamond members of the Hyatt Gold Passport frequent guest program. Just the basic necessities would be offered, such as a water bowl, for example.
The rules of conduct would be very restrictive — any problems and the pet is permanently banned from the program. There could be weight limits, animal quantity limits per room and breed limits as well. The pets would be limited to certain rooms to limit exposure to pet dander, odor and noise.
FlyerTalk member BallardFlyer — who proposed the “Bark Hyatt” idea — would spend an extra 10 or more nights per year at Hyatt properties if this idea were implemented. While there are those FlyerTalk members who agree with the proposal, there are other FlyerTalk members who opposed this idea — some of them vehemently. Find out why.

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