Would You Like Some Aeroplan Miles With Your Meal?

Photograph of roasted chicken wrap courtesy of Air Canada.

You can earn 25 Aeroplan frequent flier loyalty program miles when you spend between $10.00 and $19.99 in a single transaction during a flight at the Onboard Café of Air Canada — or you can earn 50 Aeroplan frequent flier loyalty program miles when you spend a minimum of $20.00 in a single transaction during a flight. Minimum purchase requirements exclude taxes.
This promotional offer — which is valid through April 30, 2013 — applies to all flights operated by Air Canada which offer Onboard Café services and excludes flights operated by Air Canada Express carriers, with the exception of Air Canada Express flights operated by Sky Regional offering Onboard Café services.
Any Onboard Café purchases prior to your flight through the official Internet web site of Air Canada or through the reservation call centers of Air Canada are not eligible to receive this promotional offer. Any Onboard Café transactions where complimentary Onboard Café products are obtained due to Latitude fare status or for other complimentary reasons are not eligible for Aeroplan mile accumulation. Aeroplan miles earned do not count as Air Canada status miles and therefore do not qualify for Top Tier elite status.
Other terms and restrictions apply.
If you are not hungry during your flight, it appears that you can still take advantage of this promotion by purchasing a set of earphones for $3.25 and a pillow and blanket pack for $7.00 within a single transaction to earn 25 Aeroplan frequent flier loyalty program miles.
While the reaction of FlyerTalk members to this current promotion is lukewarm at best, some of them are reporting that you will need to have your Aeroplan frequent flier loyalty program card with you during your flight, as it appears that flight attendants who take your order for the Onboard Café apparently do not have the capability to enter your Aeroplan number manually.
I do not believe too many passengers seated in the premium class cabin will be upset that this promotion discriminates against them because their meals are complimentary…

2 thoughts on “Would You Like Some Aeroplan Miles With Your Meal?”

  1. Roadwork says:

    This reads like an ad. Is it? If so, I’d appreciate some notification. If not, maybe some stylistic indication that this is independent thinking and writing would be in order.

  2. Brian Cohen says:

    No, it is not an advertisement – this is simply information based on a discussion found on FlyerTalk for those who fly as passengers on Air Canada that they can earn Aeroplan miles for a limited time when they order items from the Onboard Café. I have not been asked to write this article, nor has Air Canada or Aeroplan compensated me for it. In fact – for the record – I have never ordered a meal aboard an airplane for which I have had to pay extra, and do not officially endorse that other FlyerTalk members order food items during a flight.

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