Would You Pay $55.00 to Maintain Executive Elite Emerald Club Status?

National Car Rental has the Emerald Club program for frequent renters of its vehicles featuring Emerald Aisle service where one can bypass the rental counter and simply choose any vehicle in the Emerald Aisle section, check out at the exit and drive off. However, there is an Executive Elite status which offers such benefits as earning days of free car rentals sooner and an arguably better selection of vehicles. FlyerTalk member dbuckho is wondering if it is worth spending US$55.00 on two more car rentals from National Car Rental to qualify for Executive Elite Emerald Club status. Some FlyerTalk members believe it is; some do not.

Please weigh your thoughts, as well as read the comments of other FlyerTalk members, in the $55 to keep Executive Aisle – worth it? thread.

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