Would You Pay €2,500 for Two Lifetime Business Class Seats?

Unfortunately, the title does not refer to a lifetime of business class flights for two for the cost of €2,500.

Rather, the Old (Surplus) C Seats…can one buy a pair (or two)? thread discusses the actual purchase of business class seats, as in to keep in one’s home or office as either furniture or as a decoration.

FlyerTalk member 6am at ORD says that Business class seats in actual gray/blue Lufthansa long range textile design are EUR 2.500,- per 2-seater row. 6am at ORD also outlines the cost of economy-class seats.

Once cannot earn frequent flier miles for the purchase of these business class seats unless one is able to use a credit card which earns frequent flier miles to pay for the transaction.

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