Would You Use Your Miles or Points for The Company?

You read the question correctly.

If your boss requested that you use your personal stash of miles or points for the next business trip, would you use them?

FlyerTalk member Jon Toner encountered this every conundrum, which is why he launched the Boss asking me to use miles for company travel… thread. Angered, he reasoned that the miles he earned are “SCANT compensation to the 100+ days on the road and away from my family”. He does not even want to go on this business trip, let alone use his miles and points!

Not so fast, says FlyerTalk member AAaLot, who adamantly posts here that “the miles that were earned during company travel belong to the company” and that “time on airplane, away from home, etc. are apparently part of the job you accepted.”

Could trouble be ahead with regards to the company, as FlyerTalk member Bonehead suggests here? “Perhaps the company is not doing so well?” he asks.

“If you think you are at all replaceable, and you value your job (and times are tough for lots of folks), I’d unhappily play ball. Lose miles, or lose your job? In this economy?” questions FlyerTalk member BoSoxFan45 here, suggesting not to be hasty with automatically outright refusing and protesting this apparent sudden change in corporate policy.

The last response in that thread was posted on October 25, 2003, which is almost three years ago. Given the cutbacks in services and amenities coupled with the devaluation of miles and points, combined simultaneously with the steady increase in travel expenses and arguably the most restrictive security measures ever implemented and currently in place, I have to wonder how frequent travelers would debate this topic in 2006. I would bet that with the increases in expenses almost surely exceeding the increase in wages that more frequent travelers would consider the miles and points they earn while on the job away from home to be theirs. After all, it seems to take more to earn miles and points while traveling in August of 2006 than at any other time in the history of frequent traveler programs.

More debate, arguments, thoughtful discussion and even suggested tactics on how to avoid confrontation pertaining to this issue can be found at the Boss asking me to use miles for company travel… thread.

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