Wounded Marine Forced to Remove Prosthetic Legs at Airport Security Checkpoint?

A corporal of the United States Marine Corps who lost both of his legs as the result of the blast of an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan was reportedly forced to remove both of his prosthetic legs by agents of the Transportation Security Administration at a security checkpoint at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix.
Furthermore, the 22-year-old man from San Diego — who is bound to a wheelchair — was also supposedly ordered to put his prosthetic legs back on and walk through the full-body scanner.
Duncan Hunter — a Congressman of the United States who represents his district in California — demanded an explanation from the Transportation Security Administration in a letter. The response by representatives of the Transportation Security Administration is that no one forced the Marine to remove his prosthetic legs — and a video of the incident supposedly supports that claim, even though there was a portion of the screening process where the Marine was brought to the side of the security checkpoint for secondary screening:

However, the video reportedly did show the Marine struggling to stand in the full-body scanner before finally  giving up and having to endure the secondary screening — but official representatives of the Transportation Security Administration claim that it was the choice of the Marine to attempt it in order to speed up the screening process.
The Wounded Warrior program is available to disabled military veterans who are to contact the Operations Center of the Transportation Security Administration in advance — and it is slated for expansion in the near future to include Pre-Check as an option.
FlyerTalk members are obviously angry and disgusted — but is all of the pertinent information available yet regarding this incident?
Regardless, no human being should be subject to measures which causes humiliation and result in being stripped of his or her dignity — all for the sake of security — whether or not that person serves in the armed forces.

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