Yet Another Airline Declares Bankruptcy and Ceases Operations

If you are a passenger on Scandinavian Airlines — also known as SAS — anytime in the immediate future, be aware that your flight may be delayed or even canceled due to Cimber Sterling declaring bankruptcy and ceasing operations effective immediately, resulting in the cancellation of all flights.
The owners of Cimber Sterling — a low-cost airline based in Denmark — reportedly withdrew financial support from the airline, which was apparently suffering from rising costs and fierce competition. Cimber Sterling operated aircraft on some flight routes for SAS and other airlines within the Scandinavia region.
Reports from FlyerTalk members are that SAS will operate flights typically operated by Cimber Sterling as SAS flights, but passengers on domestic flights in Denmark will especially feel the effects of the bankruptcy and immediate ceasing of operations of Cimber Sterling even though other airlines are attempting to operate affected flights.
Please stay tuned to this FlyerTalk discussion for the latest news and experiences regarding the Cimber Sterling bankruptcy, as well as what passengers currently booked on affected flights should do, if anything, and what alternative flights are available.

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