Yet Another Brooklyn Reality Tour: Date is Now Set!

FlyerTalk member dhammer53 probably did not realize that he started what is now a vaunted FlyerTalk tradition seven years ago when he launched the first Brooklyn Reality Tour in 2001.

Yes, he thought about ending it all last year. No, he was not contemplating suicide. He considered ending the tradition of hosting this annual event, which each year spawns a pilgrimage of FlyerTalk members from all over the world to the patch of land known as the borough of Brooklyn. There was even media coverage of the event one year!

I have yet to join a Brooklyn Reality Tour, but then again, I am originally from Brooklyn myself. Still, I would like to see how dhammer53 conducts a tour of our beloved home. If I do get to go on the tour, I have offered to assist with the tour in the future to give my perspective of the place where I grew up and lived for greater than 25 years. dhammer53 and I found out that we lived only a few miles apart when growing up.

Anyway, do not miss out on the opportunity to participate in the 8th annual Brooklyn Reality Tour. June 21, 2008 Saturday. Visit the thread for details on how to reserve your spot on the tour. However, please be aware that seats go fast, and the Brooklyn Reality Tour is always sold out every year.

One thought on “Yet Another Brooklyn Reality Tour: Date is Now Set!”

  1. Joegd says:

    omg.. good work, brother

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