Yet Another New Sports Arena is Constructed. Did You Help Pay For It?

You might have indeed helped pay for a new sports arena and did not even realize it.

For example, consider this little tidbit by FlyerTalk member underpressure: “Miami is building another new stadium for the Marlins. They will demolish the Orange Bowl and build a new stadium in it’s place. Funding??? not to worry Miami residents of Miami and ball club owners… A Hotel Tax will take care of it for you….”

How do you feel about that? Is it fair that by simply staying at a hotel, you are helping to fund the sports arena for that city – one at which you may never attend a sporting event?

Be a good sport and read all about this taxing situation in the Is anyone else getting tired of funding the sports palaces with hotel taxes? thread, as well as reaction, suggestions and commentary from fellow FlyerTalk members.

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