You are Upgraded. Your Boss is Not. What Do You Do?

How well do you know your boss?

In this situation, where the resulting consequences of your decision could be significant depending on the relationship with your boss, you have a minimum of four choices:

  • Do you deny the upgrade and sit with your boss in the economy class section of the aircraft?
  • Do you give your boss your upgraded seat in the premium class section of the aircraft and sit in the seat in the economy class section where your boss was assigned?
  • Do you try to get an upgrade for your boss to sit with you in the premium class section of the aircraft?
  • Do you show your boss who is boss as you sit comfortably in your premium class seat while your boss saunters by on the way to the economy class cabin?I do not mean to boss you around, but if you have indeed experienced this dilemma, please post your experience in the You and your Boss, Upgrades and not. . . thread.Also, read the experiences of other FlyerTalk members – as well as the results and consequences of their actions…

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