You Can Earn a Quick 1,000 MileagePlus Miles — But…

T hrough Thursday, June 30, 2016, you can earn a quick 1,000 MileagePlus miles if you are a member of the United Airlines MileagePlus frequent flier loyalty program who downloads and registers with the Prosper Daily software application program for your portable electronic device.

The bonus miles should extend the expiration date of the miles in your account by 18 months.

You Can Earn a Quick 1,000 MileagePlus Miles

Once you register for this offer by entering and submitting your surname, ZIP — zonal improvement program, in case you did not know — postal code and MileagePlus frequent flier loyalty program member number, you will be asked for your telephone number so that you will be sent a text with a link to download Prosper Daily, whose purpose is for you to stay on top of your finances and identity by tracking your monthly updated credit score and spending from all your bank, debit and credit card accounts while being alerted to suspicious transactions for your protection from identity theft.

You can also get your credit score completely free of charge — although there are other ways you can do that as well.

If you are concerned about submitting sensitive information other than your telephone number, you apparently are not required to give information pertaining to your credit cards or bank accounts in order to earn the MileagePlus miles.

Prosper Daily is a product of Prosper Marketplace, Incorporated, which purports to be the first peer-to-peer lending marketplace in the United States, with greater than two million members and over $6 billion in funded loans.

Award miles will be posted to your MileagePlus account six to eight weeks after registration; and you can take advantage of this offer only once. You apparently must be a legal resident of the United States to participate in this offer based on the information requested from you.


Two of the terms and conditions pertaining to disqualification pertains to “Prosper reserves the right at its sole discretion to disqualify any individual from the Promotion” and “Prosper reserves the right at its sole discretion to, without advance notice, terminate or suspend this Promotion, in whole or in part, or modify it in any way.” Although that language is typical in the terms and conditions of many promotions, that language is rather ambiguous — so although you should receive the MileagePlus miles with no problem, participate with low expectations just in case.

This promotion is void where prohibited or restricted by law. Other terms and conditions apply.

Do not forget that you can earn at least another 2,350 free MileagePlus frequent flier loyalty program miles through the offers listed in this article.

I am not sure that I will participate in this promotion, as I have never heard of Prosper Daily — perhaps the very idea of this promotion is to increase awareness through a marketing promotion; and it seems to be working — but I am thinking about it.

Of the 46 ratings it has received at the Apple Store, 35 rate the software application program with five stars — the best rating. Only a few users have reported technological “glitches” with Prosper Daily.

Have you ever used Prosper Daily?

Source: Prosper Daily.

5 thoughts on “You Can Earn a Quick 1,000 MileagePlus Miles — But…”

  1. Ryan Thompson says:

    You say, “be aware that you will not receive the MileagePlus miles if you download Prosper Daily through the Apple Store or Google Play.”

    They say, “you will need to download the Prosper Daily app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, then register in the app.”

    What am I missing?

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      It must be me that misinterpreted the instructions, Ryan Thompson.

      I deleted the sentence. Please accept my apologies.

      Thank you.

  2. dan says:

    they will text you a link, which for me was a link to the app in the google play store.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      Thank you, dan.

      I am still thinking about doing it myself…

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