You Know You Are a FlyerTalk Member When…

…threads such as the You know you’re a FT’er when … interest you.

You know you’re a FT’er when …

  • You say to yourself, “so this is what the outside of an airport looks like”
  • Whenever someone suggests going to a restaurant/taking a trip/purchasing something…your only thought is “how can I earn?”
  • You’re on a mileage run, agent asks “what’s your final destination?” and you truthfully answer “I don’t remember.”
  • When you turn a 3 segment round trip to a job interview into an 8 segment MR and save the company $150 off what the travel agent wanted to put you on. In the meantime you get to try out 2 new airports and a quick stop in a favourite lounge on the opposite coast wit ha great set of windows for spotting.
  • When you describe how you get your miles and people roll their eyes.
  • When you thinking about taking a MR over three days coast to coast and say to yourself the duration is not a problem and two nights without a hotel are not a problem as you have an almost 3 hour connection at IAH were you can take a shower at the lounge there!!
  • When you wake up on an overnight flight, in the middle of a five day, three continent MR, and realize you have no idea what day it is or even where you are going, then realize it doesn’t matter, you’ll figure it out when you land, and fall, undistressed, back to sleep.

…and, of course, in homage to our own Kiwi Flyer, FlyerTalk member and co-author of The Gate

  • When your jealous, instead of afraid, of Kiwi Flyer

All of the above are actual quotes.

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