You Know You’ve Been Hanging Around FlyerTalk Too Much When…

…you actually click on this link to read how you know you have been hanging around FlyerTalk too much.

Here are some excerpts from the thread, as you know you have been hanging around FlyerTalk too much when:

  • Your granddaughter says she’s gonna “tattle” on you, your mind thinks “TATL”- and you start wondering what the Unaccompanied Minor fees are for a flight across the pond…
  • You drive six hours to an airport you don’t like, to fly to a place you have no need to go to, and come home in less than twenty-four hours.
  • Your s/o or other family members start calling you by your flyertalk handle and/or you start talking to them “in flyertalk speak” vs their real names
  • If you have dreams like FlyerTalk member wijomas had recently

Next question: You know that you have been hanging around The Gate too much when…?

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