You May Be Entitled to Up to $500 Per Unsolicited Telephone Call From Caribbean Cruise Line Incorporated

A s the result of a proposed settlement of a class action lawsuit — which never went to trial — alleging that Caribbean Cruise Line Incorporated violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, you may be entitled to receive up to $500.00 per telephone call if you received automated survey calls offering a free cruise in exchange for participating in a political opinion survey or public opinion survey between Monday, August 1, 2011 and Friday, August 31, 2012.

You May Be Entitled to Up to $500 Per Unsolicited Telephone Call From Caribbean Cruise Line Incorporated

The plaintiffs of the lawsuit allege that Caribbean Cruise Line Incorporated marketed timeshare and vacation properties through the unsolicited telephone calls. Many — but not all — of the surveys were from Political Surveys of America. If an individual was offered the opportunity to participate in the survey in exchange for a free cruise — after answering the survey questions — he or she then had the option of being transferred to a representative of Caribbean Cruise Line Incorporated, which denies the allegations and also denies that the telephone calls violated the law.

You may be part of the settlement class if you received one or more of these telephone calls and if any of the following is also true:

  • Your information appeared in the records of the defendants — in which case you would have likely received an e-mail message or postcard and claim form in the mail
  • Even if you did not receive an e-mail message or postcard in the mail about this settlement, you may still be part of one of the settlement class if your telephone number appears in the records of the defendants by looking up your telephone number here
  • You recall getting one of the aforementioned automated telephone calls and at least one of these telephone numbers appears on your cellular telephone or landline telephone bills or records; or
  • You recall getting one of the automated survey telephone calls described above and you are able to prove that you received such a telephone call with documentation such as
    • A telephone bill showing that you received the telephone call
    • A recording of the telephone call
    • A caller identification record of the telephone call
    • A screenshot of the telephone call
    • Or some other form of documentation evidencing your receipt of the telephone call


There are many more details pertaining to this lawsuit and settlement; but if you find that you qualify to be part of the settlement and are indeed entitled to up to $500.00 per unsolicited telephone call as outlined in this article, you must file your claim by Wednesday, February 1, 2017.

Photograph and illustration ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

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