Your Chance to Win 4,000 Hilton Honors Points: Additional Details

Yesterday, I wrote and posted this article pertaining to an opportunity for you to win Hilton Honors points simply by visiting the restaurant located within any Hilton Garden Inn hotel property; ordering a drink, appetizer, meal or dessert; taking a photograph of the experience; and uploading it to your Instagram and Twitter using #HGIeatdrinksharecontest and tag @HiltonGardenInn — but I had no further information regarding the contest…

…until now.

Your Chance to Win 4,000 Hilton Honors Points: Additional Details

The aforementioned contest is associated with a refresh of the Hilton Garden Inn brand accompanied by the slogan Simple Things on Another Level — and is designed to encourage fans of Hilton Garden Inn social media who dine at a Hilton Garden Inn restaurant to take a photograph of their snacks, meals or beverages; and post them to Twitter, Instagram or both for a chance to win 4,000 Hilton Honors points.

The promotion will run for ten weeks — starting on Tuesday, August 1, 2017 and concluding on Tuesday, October 10, 2017. A total of 50 people will win 4,000 Hilton Honors points, as five winners will be selected each week.

You do not need to be members of the Hilton Honors program to participate in this promotion; but if you are chosen to win the 4,000 Hilton Honors points, you will need to join and register as a member.

Two Ways to Enter the Contest

There are two ways with which you can enter the contest:

  1. Follow Hilton Garden Inn on Instagram @hiltongardeninn or Twitter @hiltongardeninn
  2. Visit a Hilton Garden Inn and dine in the on property restaurant
  3. Share a photo of their food or drink at the Hilton Garden Inn on-property restaurant. Use the hashtag #HGIeatdrinksharecontest and tag @HiltonGardenInn

Alternatively, you may enter by mailing a postcard with your contact information to:

Hilton Garden Inn Marketing
755 Crossover Lane
Memphis, TN 38117

Drawing and Notification of Winners

Each Monday during the promotion period, the winners will be randomly selected from all eligible entries received throughout the prior week of the promotion period. A random drawing will be conducted on or about Monday of each week until Friday, October 13, 2017. The potential winners will be notified via either direct message or telephone or mail or e-mail message — or perhaps a combination of those methods; and at the discretion of the sponsor — using the contact information given at the time of entry.


I had reached out to one of my contacts at Hilton prior to writing and posting the original article; but I received an automated e-mail message that that person was at that time on — what I hope, anyway — was a pleasant and joyful vacation. I then found the official press release — the information of which I used for the original article…

…but I then unexpectedly received two e-mail messages — one of them at 8:51 in the evening on a Friday night — with the additional information; so here it is in this article.

I was quite impressed with the response, which was quicker than I expected; and I thank those people who were involved in getting the information to me as expeditiously as possible.

“Although there are always ways to improve the experience of guests, I personally do not believe that a sweeping brand refresh was necessary for the Hilton Garden Inn brand” is what I wrote at the conclusion of the aforementioned article yesterday — and I noticed that the majority of FlyerTalk members who posted in this discussion generally agree with me.

In the meantime, I hope that you are one of the 50 winners if you decide to participate in this contest.

Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

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