Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

Your Chance to Win in the 2020 FlyerTalk Lufthansa Club Ren Contest

The 2020 FlyerTalk Lufthansa Club Ren Contest is officially underway after being absent for four years — and you have a chance to win some rather nifty swag if you can decipher the clues which are presented in this discussion.

Your Chance to Win in the 2020 FlyerTalk Lufthansa Club Ren Contest

Although the 2020 FlyerTalk Lufthansa Club Ren Contest is not officially sponsored by Internet Brands — which is the corporate entity that currently owns FlyerTalk — it is the brainchild of FlyerTalk member oliver2002, who is also one of the moderators of the Lufthansa, Austrian, Swiss, Brussels, LOT and Other Partners | Miles & More forum on FlyerTalk; and he has once again enlisted FlyerTalk member and Senior Moderator NewbieRunner to assist in this contest.

Each day, either oliver2002 or NewbieRunner will post a clue to the aforementioned discussion related to the Lufthansa Miles & More frequent flier loyalty program which will contain an image of a FlyerTalk ren with a letter. Simply collect the letters; and on Thursday, December 24, 2020, you will have 24 letters that will give you the winning answer. Sharing your findings publicly with other members of FlyerTalk is encouraged.


“In the last few years my ‘treasure’ stock of LH swag has built up again and my wife is raising an eyebrow or two about the space they occupy in the basement”, oliver2002 posted in the aforementioned discussion. “Over the years I have accumulated a few treasure chests (or ‘those stupid boxes that clutter up the office’ according to my wife) with select artifacts of my history with LH/LX/etc. In the holiday spirit, I will make a list of items from which winners can pick what they would like and I will ship it to them. We have three weeks to post the list, if you are an average Flyertalker there is definitely something there for you.”

The FlyerTalk members who post the complete answer will be be ranked in order of posting and get to choose from the list of goodies in groups of five.


The 2020 FlyerTalk Lufthansa Club Ren Contest is yet another fun way to be involved in the community of frequent fliers — and other than a few moments of your time, you have nothing to lose by participating in this contest…

…and who knows? You might even win something cool.

Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

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