Your Choice of Trip Extras: Priority Boarding, Mileage Booster, and Delta 24 Hour Wi-Fi Pass

Delta Air Lines announced today a choice of three amenities available for purchase when booking a flight at known as Trip Extras, which are as follows:

  1. Priority Boarding If you want the option of boarding a bit earlier than general boarding to give you more time to find room for your baggage and settle into your seat, you will be able to purchase Priority Boarding starting at $9.00 per segment. Priority Boarding begins immediately after the boarding of SkyPriority customers and before general boarding customers. This option is currently only available in Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Orlando, Phoenix, San Diego and Tampa, but additional origination cities are expected be included for priority boarding later this year. This option may be the reason why there is a new boarding zone called Sky Priority.
  2. Mileage Booster This optional mileage boost can help you earn SkyMiles faster and save up for that dream vacation even quicker simply by purchasing some extra SkyMiles for your account. A 1,000 mile boost costs as little as $29.00, with additional boost levels of up to 3,000 SkyMiles available with this option.
  3. Delta 24-Hour Wi-Fi Pass While you can already currently pre-purchase in-flight Wi-Fi access aboard Delta Air Lines flights, including this option at the time you actually book your flight will make your travel planning easier and potentially save you money: the cost for this advance purchase option is $12.00 for a 24-hour pass.

While these are options of which I would not personally take advantage, it is nice to know that these options exist which you can secure in advance. However, some FlyerTalk members — especially those who have Silver Medallion elite status — see these new options as yet another degradation of benefits of the Delta Air Lines SkyMiles frequent flier loyalty program.
Will you be purchasing any of these options on a future Delta Air Lines flight? What additional options do you believe Delta Air Lines should add to Trip Extras? Is Trip Extras a good or bad idea?

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