Your Passport is Not Valid Identification, and the Netherlands is in Norway.

How would you feel if you were informed that your passport is not considered to be a valid document of identification issued by the government of the country in which you are a citizen?

What would you say if you were told that the Netherlands is located in Norway – and you are a citizen of the Netherlands?

What would you then do if you offered your driver’s license as proof of identification, only to be told that that form of identification is not valid either?

Some FlyerTalk members who read the You don’t need a visa to go to Vegas…. thread have already posted that they do not know whether they should laugh or cry.  Perhaps you should read this thread for further details and judge for yourself – just make sure that you have your passport and driver’s license with you when you read the thread.

Also, please ensure that you dress warmly when going to Amsterdam. It is still quite cold in Scandinavia this time of year…

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