Zero is a Good Number — Especially With Certain Credit Card Fees

Plenty of credit cards exist which give you such benefits as tens of thousands of points or access to lounges at airports — but those benefits can be at a cost in the form of annual fees; balance transfer fees; and foreign transaction fees. What if the most important factors in a card for you include fewer fees?

Zero is a Good Number — Especially With Certain Credit Card Fees

If you are a traveler with a wanderlust you cannot ignore, you might be interested in this offer: members of the Navy Federal More Rewards American Express Card enjoy an introductory annual percentage rate of zero percent on balance transfers of up to $30,000.00 per single transaction from credit cards which are not affiliated with Navy Federal Credit Union to either a new or existing Navy Federal credit card for 12 months — and this is coupled with absolutely zero balance transfer fees. After 12 months, the annual percentage rate is between 10.65 percent and 18 percent, based on creditworthiness. This offer valid for balances transferred from non-Navy Federal credit cards through Wednesday, February 28, 2018; and balance transfers are not eligible to earn rewards.

This card also has no annual fee and no foreign transactions fees, which are typically at a rate of three percent.

Card members have access to a global dining program which is brought to you by American Express; and it includes greater than 400 restaurants around the world which are specially selected for your trip to include delicious dishes and delectable meals no matter where you travel. Included in the dining experience is a special benefit — such as a discount of 20 percent off of the food bill; or perhaps a complimentary bottle of wine as two examples. Members also have access to recipes from top chefs so that when the travels end, the dining experiences continue.

Just because some of the fees have been eliminated with this card does not mean members cannot earn points. Members of the Navy Federal More Rewards American Express Card earn points which never expire as long as the account remains open; and no limit or cap exists as to how many points you can earn. Points can be converted into travel points, airline tickets — or a combination of both. Card members earn:

  • 3 points at supermarkets and gas stations
  • 2 points on restaurants — and that is in addition to any offers which include cash back or buy one get one free at some restaurants
  • 1 point on all other purchases


As long as you do not carry a balance or require cash advances, you will pay fewer fees with the Navy Federal More Rewards American Express Card — which means that you will save money or have more money to pay off any debts. If you are carrying a balance on other credit cards and paying a higher interest rate, the special balance transfer offer is a good deal of which you should consider taking advantage.

This card has other benefits — such as roadside assistance; discounts of up to 25 percent on car rentals; and early access to purchase tickets for shows, sports and concerts nationwide all year round. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of this card carefully before applying for it — as well as the general terms and conditions.

In full disclosure, I am not a card member of the Navy Federal More Rewards American Express Card; nor do I receive any compensation other than what I typically earn from writing an article at The Gate, as no affiliate links are embedded in this article.

Source: Navy Federal Credit Union.

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