10 Suggestive Names of Real Locations Worldwide — Part 6: Female Private Part Version

Have you ever been to a place somewhere in this wonderful world in which we live which has a name that seems suggestive — or perhaps less than wholesome? In locations outside of the country where you are based, the names of locations may seem to have a different meaning to you than the actual origin — but when those strange names are found in the same country as yours, they may tend to have you scratching your head.

10 Suggestive Names of Real Locations Worldwide — Part 6: Female Private Part Version

This article is the sixth in a series which give examples of suggestive names of real locations around the world; and as a form of proof that they actually exist, an interactive Google map is included with each entry — along with a brief description of the highlighted location — and the main focus of this article is the private part of a woman which is specifically located between the uppermost thighs of her legs.

Without further ado, let us begin — and the locations are listed in this article in alphabetical order…

1. Beaver City, Indiana, United States

Founded in 1893, this unincorporated community — which is located in Washington Township in Newton County in the northwestern part of Indiana approximately halfway between Lafayette and Gary outside of Chicago — was named after the local Beaver Prairie. That its post office was discontinued in 1913 after being in service for 47 years is a dam shame.

2. Beaver Crossing, Nebraska, United States

“The original site of Beaver Crossing was located about three miles to the northwest. Here a trail from Nebraska City to Fort Kearny crossed Beaver Creek. John Leonard and Daniel Millspaugh were the first settlers in this area in 1862. Roland Reed established the first post office in January 1868”, according to the Nebraska State Historical Society. “About 1871 the post office was moved to the present-day town site where a flour mill had been built. During this decade many settlers arrived and Beaver Crossing grew and prospered. The town was incorporated in 1892. This area was well known for its artesian wells. The first one was discovered in 1895. Wells in this park poured fresh water into what was once the largest swimming pool in the state. Other wells supplied the Smiley Botanical Gardens on the southeast edge of town. In the 1930s goldfish and water lilies were raised there commercially in fifty ponds. Later, the demands of irrigation dropped the water table and the artesian wells went dry.” A dry beaver is certainly cause for it to become cross.

3. Beaverdale, Iowa, United States

Located in the greater Des Moines metropolitan area in Polk County, this neighborhood celebrated its centennial back in 2017. If you find yourself in this part of central Iowa during autumn of 2021, you might want to leave your schedule open to attend the Beaverdale Fall Festival, at which you can — among other activities and things — support-a-potty because everybody poops. Wait a minute — that is the wrong suggestive function for this article…

4. Big Beaver, Pennsylvania, United States

Originally incorporated as Big Beaver Township in 1802, the borough of Big Beaver was again incorporated in — where else — Beaver County in 1958 fewer than six miles east of the border which the state of Pennsylvania shares with Ohio and approximately 35 miles northwest of Pittsburgh. As its population had spread out wide over the years, this Big Beaver shares no fewer than nine borders with its neighbors, so it does not fool around — or does it?!?

5. Big Beaver, Saskatchewan, Canada

While not nearly as big as its aforementioned counterpart in Pennsylvania, the small community of Big Beaver is located in southern Saskatchewan fewer than only seven miles north of the border Canada shares with the United States — and it has the distinction of being mentioned in the first line of the lyrics of the song Hit Somebody (The Hockey Song) by the late Warren Zevon: “He was born in Big Beaver by the borderline…” Hmm…could he have been singing about Madonna, who sang the hit song Borderline and helped to divert public focus towards female private parts?

6. Clam Falls, Wisconsin, United States

This town is located near Clam River in Polk County — what is with counties named Polk, anyway — in northwestern Wisconsin. Even though loggers gave Clam Falls its name, it is not a disastrous failing of a bodily function of a woman — rather, it is one of two towns which comprise Clam Falls Township. If you seek a certain type of shellfish, forget it — you will likely not find it in the town of Clam Falls, which does not seem to have a restaurant.

7. Mary’s Igloo, Alaska, United States

This essentially abandoned village — which is located on the northwest bank of the Kuzitrin River on the Seward Peninsula of western Alaska — is now used as a fishing camp on a seasonal basis. Many of the residents of this village moved out in the 1950s, apparently claiming that there is no place like Nome — and you might have initially thought by looking at the map above that Mary’s Igloo was too wet to inhabit on a permanent basis, as fishermen seem to keep coming in and pulling out.

8. Muff, Ardmore, County Donegal, Ireland

Located in County Donegal near the northernmost part of Ireland and just west of the border which the country shares with Northern Ireland, Muff has at least five activities which you can do — including enjoying tea with homemade scones and apple tart in an authentic Irish cottage; and embarking on a memorable rock climbing adventure tour. ’Muff said.

9. Tunnel Hill, Georgia, United States

Named for the Chetoogeta Mountain Tunnel — which some people consider to be haunted — in Whitfield County in northwestern Georgia, Tunnel Hill was originally known as Doe Run before it was incorporated as Tunnelsville on Saturday, March 4, 1848 and was given its current name approximately eight years later. If the act of entering tunnels — especially mature ones — gets you all hot and bothered, then the Tunnel Hill Heritage Center & Museum is the perfect place to visit.

10. Willacoochie, Georgia, United States

Willacoochie — which originally was the first town chartered in the area that was to be known later as Atkinson County in the southern part of the state of Georgia — is known as “where good people live” and is located approximately halfway between Tifton and Waycross along United States Highway 82. The question remains, however: Willacoochie or won’t?


If while reading this dam article you were thinking that too many places had the name beaver in it and so many more entries were missing, know that dozens more examples of locations with suggestive names will be considered for future articles here at The Gate — but in the meantime, please feel free to offer suggestions of your own in the Comments section below.

Anyway, if you have not had enough in the meantime, please be sure to read these articles:

I stayed at the Sleep Inn Beaver – Beckley hotel property in West Virginia. Does that count for this article? Photograph ©2019 by Brian Cohen.

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    Intercourse, PA?

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  2. Kale R Fithian says:

    I live about 45 minutes north of Beaver County PA. There is a Big Beaver Falls Area School District, Souith Side Beaver School District, and Western Beaver School District–the Golden Beavers. This is in addition to the Beaver Rive and the towns of Beaver, and Beaver Falls.

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