KLM Royal Dutch Airways economy class seats
Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

A Seat Swap Love Story to Warm Your Heart

equests for swapping seats — as well as a practice known as seat poaching — aboard an airplane are amongst some of the most controversial topics amongst frequent fliers which result in seemingly never-ending vociferous debates…

A Seat Swap Love Story to Warm Your Heart

…but emerging from all of that — buried in this lengthy discussion pertaining to swapping seats and catching the attention of FlyerTalk members — is this short yet sweet story of FlyerTalk member DYKWIA2014, who admittedly did what could be perceived as the unthinkable: he paid someone to trade his seat in the premium class cabin for a seat towards the rear of the aircraft in the economy class cabin:

I once paid a guy $100 and my first class seat, to take his window seat way back in Y, just so I could sit next to this hot girl I met in the airport bar before the flight. She had the aisle seat next to him.

“He wouldn’t take the F upgrade for nothing?” asked FlyerTalk member sethb. “I hope she was worth it.”

Here was the response by DYKWIA2014:

We walked onto the plane together from the bar. I gave her the $100 and my boarding pass, and told her to offer it to whomever was sitting next to her. This guy comes up the aisle looking like he had just won the lottery.

I was single at the time, and the girl turned out to be a keeper. She’s my wife.

If that was not enough, DYKWIA2014 added the following unanticipated “perk” as a result of this union:

Best $100.00 I ever spent!

Yup. And the best part is I also acquired a stepchild, who ended up becoming a Delta FA and we can fly Non-Rev.

Sometimes you just never know when you meet someone in a bar . . .

Reaction From FlyerTalk Members

You knew that this love story had to have a conclusion of sorts which would be completely appropriate for FlyerTalk — and it was met with reactions by fellow FlyerTalk members such as:

“That is awesome – you’ve just made my day!”

“Now that is a travel story! Gave me goosebumps.”

“The joys of travel and drinking in bars pays off. Congrats.”

“That is a fantastic story! We’re not worthy… WKWYA (We Know Who You Are!)”

“I like this attitude much better than Diarrhea.”

You will have to read the discussion in which this love story appeared to understand that last comment.


Apparently DYKWIA2014 is not a DYKWIA.

No matter what point of view you might take on swapping seats or poaching seats aboard an airplane, this particular unlikely seat swapping incident proves that swapping a premium class seat for an economy class seat — and paying $100.00 for the privilege to do so — can result in a significant change of life which is far more beneficial and reaps more dividends than may be initially obviously apparent…

…although I am sure that the recipient of this particular seat swap must have thought that he won the lottery with that request. Imagine being paid $100.00 to be upgraded to a seat in the premium class cabin aboard an airplane!

I am not a fan of love stories myself; but I thought that this one was a nice one to share where everyone involved benefited — just in time for Valentine’s Day.

What? The next holiday approaching is Christmas?!?

Okay — this can be a heartwarming Christmas tale for this year…

Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

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