Boeing Celebrates 100 Years in Business Today

“S ince July 15, 1916, we’ve been making the impossible, possible. From producing a single canvas-and-wood airplane to transforming how we fly over oceans and into the stars, The Boeing Company has become the world’s largest aerospace company. And we’re just getting started.”

This is part of the message from one of the official Internet web sites of The Boeing Company.

Boeing Celebrates 100 Years in Business Today

The Boeing Company has been celebrating 100 years in business all year with events, activities and commemorations to celebrate “not only our first century of innovation but also the people and moments that inspire us to live by our founder Bill Boeing’s philosophy — ‘build something better’”; but today is the actual anniversary date of the aerospace company.

Warning: Do Not Read This…

If you want to learn more about the history of The Boeing Company, you will find information pertaining to all of its products — yes, that includes its line of commercial aircraft over the years — as well as plenty of videos and a chronology of its history, starting on Saturday, October 1, 1881 when William E. Boeing was born in Detroit; and there is a whole lot more.

Read stories pertaining to The Boeing Company — and there are plenty of them. You are encouraged to share your own story as well.

You can browse every issue, every article, and every advertisement of Aviation Week from 1916 through 2016. How cool is that?!? This alone should keep you busy for days — if not weeks…

…but if that is not enough, how about perusing television commercials over the years?

The Age of Aerospace is a documentary comprised of five episodes which will require approximately 3.5 hours of your time

If you are a collector of aviation memorabilia, you might want to purchase some special items which commemorate the centennial of The Boeing Company — everything from apparel to books.

There is even plenty more — such as educational resources as only one example — but I warned you not to read this…

Alaska Airlines Special Livery

If you are especially enamored by Alaska Airlines, here is a treat just for you: Scott Mackenzie of Travel Codex attended an event which includes a special livery for one airplane which is dedicated to the centennial anniversary of The Boeing Company — and he provides photographs of the event and links to other custom liveries of Alaska Airlines in this article.

“Alaska Airlines announced a donation of $100,000 in Boeing’s name to the Washington Opportunity Scholarship Fund”, Mackenzie reported. “Boeing promptly matched the donation, raising a total of $200,000.”



Congratulations to The Boeing Company on its celebration of 100 years in existence; and may its next 100 years be even better…

…but I hope I did not just ruin your day by linking to all of the cool aviation stuff being offered — causing you to cancel everything you had scheduled in order to cocoon in a corner somewhere and completely immerse yourself…

Source: The Boeing Company.

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