Breaking News: At Least 73 People Dead After Truck Plows Into Crowd; Terror Attack Suspected

B astille Day is supposed to be a celebration of the independence of France as a result of the French Revolution on Tuesday, July 14, 1789; but the festivities took a tragic turn in Nice, where a minimum of 73 people were killed and greater than 100 people were injured when a truck plowed into a crowd of people, according to reports by multiple sources.

The driver of the truck is amongst the dead, as he was shot by law enforcement officers. Explosives, grenades and firearms were reportedly found in the large panel truck. The male occupant of the truck reportedly drove for two kilometers along the pavement before the truck accelerated and “mowed over bodies” as it plowed into the crowd.

At Least 73 People Dead After Truck Plows Into Crowd; Terror Attack Suspected

The incident — the deadliest since the attack which occurred in Paris in November of 2015 — is suspected to be an attack by terrorists.

Christian Estrosi — who is the mayor of Nice, which is located on the French Riviera — has been keeping the rest of the world up to date pertaining to the incident with his Twitter account.

This is one of many videos already circulating through social media pertaining to this incident…

…and here is another video:

This story is still developing at this time as additional information and details unfold…

7 thoughts on “Breaking News: At Least 73 People Dead After Truck Plows Into Crowd; Terror Attack Suspected”

  1. Minos says:

    “Independence of France”
    Yeah right….
    Living in Atlanta with four direct flight a day to CDG, I would think about getting a real education in Europe.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Thank goodness we have important travel-related blogs to deliver “BREAKING NEWS.” I think your site would be a bit more credible if you could slightly increase the size of your photograph and maybe a little more focus on the forehead.

    I know it might be hard for the ego, but you might want to keep the focus on your MegaBus experiences and credit card offers and let people get news that actually matters from other sources.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      Tell you what, Jimmy: find one single credit card offer to which I have an affiliate link here at The Gate; and I will award you with 100,000 miles.

      I am waiting…

      1. Jimmy says:

        I just wonder why you think it’s your place to “break news.” No one is looking your way for pulitzer-winning journalism – trust me on that.

        When you look in the mirror and give it a kiss, I think you might be seeing someone a bit more important that others might perceive your role.

        Do a lot of other bloggers feature their pensive head shot in their masthead? Just saying….

        1. Brian Cohen says:

          Despite your persistence in attempting to insult me, Jimmy, I will answer your question.

          As frequent travelers, I believe it is important to be aware of incidents — such as the most recent one in Nice — because they do have an impact on travel. People become afraid to travel to places like France as a result — which is exactly what terrorists want: to dictate how we live.

          I adamantly believe that travel helps to mitigate stereotypes and learn more about each other than any other resource; and I believe that education is important in order to help conquer terrorism — as well as showing terrorists that we are not afraid.

          Most of the “breaking news” stories on which I report usually have some impact on travel — and I believe that it is part of my responsibility to inform fellow travelers when that is the case.

          Please read this article for additional information..

          …and if you have any further questions, please ask.

          One more thing: I do not consider myself a journalist and have stated so in at least one article in the past.

  3. Trudy says:

    Amidst the insults, I think the fundamental question is why do you feel the need to write about a terrorist attack as it is breaking similar to how a CNN or a Fox News would report on it. I can understand writing in retrospect on why we should continue to travel and not let the terrorists win, but it seems like you’re trying to accomplish something else. Clearly most people would have heard about this event from various news outlets (the ones from which you are reporting this news) before seeing it on this blog. Is it to attract blog clicks or do you truly view yourself as a news reporter?

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I already answered your question at length in the Comments section of this article, Trudy.

      This type of article does not attract the most “blog clicks” for me.

      Would you prefer I constantly promoted affiliate links to credit cards?

      Why not offer constructive suggestions to me of which types of articles you would prefer to read?

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