Cruise Line Offers a Loyalty Status Match Program

I f you are a member of a loyalty program of other travel brands — such as lodging companies, tour companies or other cruising companies — one cruise line offers a loyalty status match program which you might want to consider if a cruise is in your future.

Join the MSC Voyagers Club loyalty program by MSC Cruises and receive the matching elite level status card, which will guarantee you a discount of five percent on any booking in addition to similar or higher benefit elite level status.

There are three easy steps to requesting and receiving your elite level status match:

  1. Fill in and complete this registration form
  2. Submit the registration form with existing benefit elite level status card information — all fields are mandatory
  3. Receive an e-mail message from the MSC Voyagers Club team with your new MSC Voyagers Club membership information


Be aware that elite status matches from frequent flier loyalty programs of airlines are excluded from this offer.

Terms and Conditions

The following select list of terms and conditions have not been edited by me:

Matching is carried out by comparing as much as reasonably possible the level of benefits guaranteed from the external travel program benefit card with those offered by the MSC Voyagers Club cards (Conversion will be executed by MSC Cruises based on objective criteria and may only be done once per consumer).

Clients will physically receive their membership card once on-board for their first cruise with MSC Cruises. It is not possible to combine MSC Voyagers Club points with points from the benefit card data of other cruise companies. If your client has benefit cards with multiple companies, he/she will have to choose which card to use to take part in the promotion. The MSC Voyagers Club card and membership will be subject to the terms and conditions of the MSC Voyagers Club.

A copy of the MSC Voyagers Club T&Cs is available here. MSC Cruises reserves the right to reject any Loyalty Match Request without any legal ramifications for legitimate reasons and to stop this program at any time.


I have no experience or connection with MSC Voyagers Club or MSC Cruises in any way whatsoever; so I cannot offer any recommendations for or against them. However, this offer might be worth investigating if you plan on taking a cruise and you happen to have elite level status in the frequent guest loyalty program of a lodging company, for example.

This offer reminds me of the days when applying for elite level status matches were more readily available from many frequent flier loyalty programs and easy to do…

Graphic courtesy of MSC Cruises.

4 thoughts on “Cruise Line Offers a Loyalty Status Match Program”

  1. DaninMCI says:

    I’ve sailed a few times with MSC. It is a very nice cruise line that I would recommend highly. Like most cruise elite programs it doesn’t get you much but it’s better to get a few perks than not.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      Thank you for the recommendation, DaninMCI. I appreciate it.

  2. Danny Hager says:

    MSC will match what ever level of card you have on other cruise lines. MSC has a new ship coming to the Caribbean next year, the one there now is a really nice ship. The down side to MSC is they are not up to American standards of services. If you can handle European standards of cruising then you can handle MSC. Over all the service is (I believe) very good. Have been on several MSC DIVINA cruises in the past 2 years and for the most part have really enjoyed them. My one thing I do not like very well is the menu for dinner as they offer a poor selection to chose from. A lot of things they have for sale are way over priced but other than that I really enjoy my cruising with them. At least try one cruise with them to find out if you will like them or not.

  3. Michael Slough says:

    MSC status matched my Elite level with Princess to Black Card on the MSC Musica although I had never sailed with MSC before. Black on MSC is not as generous as Elite on Princess, no free wifi or free laundry. However you do get priority embarkation/disembarkation, free bottle champagne and chocolate strawberries in cabin, free cap or carry bag, special black card drinks occasion, up to 40% discount on some onboard purchases, free chocolate ship, two free specialty restaurant meals per person and priority tender transfers. The service in the top deck food court was pretty ordinary and too crowded but the dining rooms were fine for breakfast and lunch. The ship was in immaculate condition and the stage shows were fantastic, way better than those on Princess. I would sail MSC again

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