Delta Air Lines Advertisements: What Do You Think of These?

hile I was a passenger aboard several airplanes operated by Delta Air Lines in my journey to and from Kenya, I noticed two advertisements — shown below — displayed on the screens of the in-flight entertainment system.

Based on the plethora of articles posted recently pertaining to the changes in policies of Delta Air Lines — some of them bordering on the bizarre — I wanted to know your opinions of these advertisements.

IMG_5689 IMG_5690

I look forward to reading your comments…

7 thoughts on “Delta Air Lines Advertisements: What Do You Think of These?”

  1. alex says:

    lies, lies, straight up lies. That’s what delta has become.
    Perhaps a false advertisement lawsuit will get these guys to take their heads out of their rear ends.

  2. dan says:

    I think both ads are fine. Dollars go a lot further than skymiles. And you have to keep climbing because delta keeps moving the goalposts leading one to ask what to do with all those miles.

  3. John Compton says:

    Commercials that Delta Airline runs is horrible showing a man getting out of a bed with another man still in the bed horrible trying to show America that gays and lesbians lifestyles are okay they are not it is a sin just like any other sin including cheating on your spouse does Delta Airlines portrayed that in a commercial know why not because is not right! But yet they want to promote gay and homosexual Behavior if that’s what these people want to do that is fine but don’t try to shut that down America’s throat survey after survey shows American people don’t like it I will never fly American Airlines again hopefully other American see that and feel the same way.

    1. barbara nohrenberg says:

      I am totally with you on this….I treated myself to first class from FL-Rome last year and the in-flight commercial showing their employees getting up each day to go to work and they show two guys in bed together. I was VERY upset that they were promoting this and force feeding us to sit and watch this perversion. I complained to the First Class stewardess who could care less than zero. Hey, we all know that a big segment of the airline stewards must be homos…they don’t act like real men but if they do their job well that’s all I want to know. I also wrote an email to Delta about this and, boy, it is funny…I never got even a courtesy reply. And I’m sitting with over 1M Delta frequent flier miles!!!! Anyway, we are on the same page.

  4. Don M. says:

    The homosexual ads are disgusting. My family and I don’t want to see those when we are trying to watch a Braves game. I’ll never fly Delta again if that is what they do with my money.

  5. B. Nohrenberg says:

    I recently flew Delta business class to Europe. The first ad on their little personal TV is asking you to use Delta to keep all their wonderful employees working because the Emirates Airlines are undercutting them with Government sponsoring and Delta might wind up for sale, etc…. I was HORRIFIED to see them showing two men in bed together with one getting up to go to Delta to work while the other naked guy turns over to go back to sleep. THIS was tasteless, disgusting and who the hell thought that this was in good forced viewing for us NORMAL Americans to view while paying to fly their degenerate airline. This ad is advocating homosexuality as a way of life for Delta employees?? Homosexuals make up 1% of the population, yet it seems that more and more ads are pandering to the people who practice this alternative lifestyle. Delta, get a grip and clean up your act. Not that many homosexuals are going to see that ad but the rest of us have to suffer and have to see men having a sexual act put in our faces? Put your smutty ad in the Gay and Lesbo magazines if you must.

  6. barbara nohrenberg says:

    What is the purpose of all these homo ads to the rest of us? Statistics say that 1% of people in our country are homosexuals….so, for that 1% of people who practice perversion, why do my children and parents have to look at this?? Delta, get your act together and stop force feeding us your homo agenda.

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