Delta Air Lines Bankruptcy Emergence, Part 6: The Lottery

Note: Nine years ago today, Delta Air Lines formally emerged from bankruptcy protection; and this article is the sixth of a series of articles which I first wrote nine years ago today.

 hortly after the unveiling of the new Delta Air Lines livery on ship 638, “ticket jackets” designed especially for the event were distributed free to everyone in the crowd. An announcement was made that 100 people in the crowd who were lucky enough to receive a special boarding pass would have a seat on the inaugural flight of ship 638 around Atlanta. Of course, I wanted to have the opportunity to be a passenger on this special flight, but my “ticket jacket” did not hold a special boarding pass. I was mildly disappointed for a brief moment, but I reminded myself that this celebration is for the employees of Delta Air Lines, not for me. I was merely witnessing the event as a spectator to report in this “blog”, and I felt honored that I was invited to attend. That was good enough for me, as this was an opportunity of which many people did not get a chance to experience.

Suddenly, I was approached, along with the following words:

“Would you like for me to see if I can get you on the inaugural flight?”

My mouth said “If you can, please. I would greatly appreciate it.” My mind thought, “What are you, nuts?!? Of course I would like to be on that flight!!!”

…but will I actually be a passenger on the inaugural flight around Atlanta of ship 638 which now flaunts the new Delta Air Lines livery?

Please stay tuned…

This photograph was not included in the original article. A lottery was still being conducted to choose the lucky people who were to become passengers on the inaugural flight of the Boeing 757-232(WL) aircraft sporting the new livery of Delta Air Lines. Note the multiple platforms near the ceiling of the hangar in the background, as this is a hangar where airplanes are painted. Photograph ©2007 by Brian Cohen.

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