Election Rant: Stay Away From Georgia Until At Least Wednesday

If you have traveled to the state of Georgia during the past couple of months, you might have noticed an inescapable onslaught of incessantly constant electioneering for two seats in the Senate of the United States which can decide whether the majority is comprised of Democrats or Republicans — to the point where the landscape is literally littered with literature, posters, and signs in an effort to attempt to sway votes in the favor of two of four candidates.

Election Rant: Stay Away From Georgia Until At Least Wednesday

As a legal resident of the state of Georgia, I am beyond fed up with the constant and unceasing barrage of advertising — whether it is via television, the Internet, e-mail messages, text messages on my mobile telephone, voice messages, and even door hangers — of the lies and untruths of four candidates in what has become an unapologetic politically bloody battleground:

  • Jon, who has worked his Ossoff to become a member of the Senate of the United States
  • Kelly, who is even Loeffler than Gary Leff of View From the Wing — which should be a hint as to the correct pronunciation of her last name
  • David, who some believe is a fowl candidate even though he does not operate a poultry business despite having the last name of Perdue
  • Raphael, whose last name is intentionally pronounced Warlock by a friend of mine

Source: BoardingArea.

I cannot even go to BoardingArea to escape this election garbage.


Just thinking about the tens of millions — perhaps even hundreds of millions — of dollars which already has been spent on this runoff election that could have assisted those in financial need due to the current 2019 Novel Coronavirus pandemic sickens me. All of the efforts which have already been expended in an effort to seize power and control could have instead been used for volunteer work to help people get on their feet. To me, that proves that none of them — nor their financial backers, of which many are not even from the state of Georgia — care about the plight of the average person.

The level of greed and selfishness which has been displayed by members of both the Democratic Party and Republican Party is significantly beyond the point of unacceptable, in my opinion — and to say that the lack of professionalism in the form of flagrant sniping and blatantly attacking each other is a colossal embarrassment is a gross understatement. As of the time I am writing this article, I cannot in good conscience vote for any of the four candidates because of how I feel — but I still plan on going to the polls tomorrow because I believe in the far-from-perfect election process, which sorely needs to be improved…

…and as for the individual candidates themselves, I am not about to go into why each of them are wrong for the office for which they are campaigning — nor am I even going to begin to touch upon the peurile controversy of the counting of votes between Donald Trump and Brad Raffensperger, who are the current president of the United States and secretary of state of the state of Georgia respectively. This article is already too political in context; and I just needed to vent with this rant. Thank you for listening — or, at least, reading.

If you plan on traveling to the state of Georgia, please do yourself a favor and wait until at least Wednesday, January 6, 2021 — which is when the election will have been over and the results will likely be known — so that you will not be subject to this non-stop ridiculousness and instead enjoy the many things which the state of Georgia has to offer, which include but by all means are not limited to:

Source: BoardingArea.

5 thoughts on “Election Rant: Stay Away From Georgia Until At Least Wednesday”

  1. Max Gross says:

    I may live in GA but know it’s the Democrat Party, not the Democratic Party.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I simply went with what members of the party officially call it, Max Gross:


  2. NB_ga says:

    So. Very. Much. This.

    Georgia has been overrun by insanity throughout this entire election cycle… the costly and hate-filled runoff is just the latest in a series of ridiculous actions. If everyone, on all sides, who does not live here full-time would just keep their money and opinions out of our state we would all be better off.

    While I can proudly say I voted for none of these buffoons in the November election, I must now decide to forego my right to cast a vote tomorrow… or pick the least offensive of the evils presented. What a waste.

    In 27 hours or so, this will all be over… we will figure out how to go forward with whoever wins and the barrage of sensationalist ads will stop!

  3. GUWonder says:

    $830+ million dollars spent over 2 US Senate seats in this run-off. Just peachy, Georgia. Just peachy.

    1. NB_ga says:

      So incredibly sad, eh? If only ANY of these politicians could find a way to sacrifice their egos for our well-being.

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