Should FlyerTalk Have a “Like” Button?

ince its inception in February of 2011, members of Milepoint have been using what is known as a “like” button if they liked any content which is posted; and “likes” are part of the formula which enables members to elevate in status: from general members to those with Silver and Gold elite level status.

There is also the vaunted Platinum elite level status; but to my knowledge, no one has attained it — yet, anyway.

Now members of TalkBoard are mulling over the pros and cons of whether or not to add a “like” button to FlyerTalk. As there are no elite status levels to be earned by members of FlyerTalk, “likes” would only be used in appreciation for content posted in discussions — possibly with the added benefit of reducing the amount of times that “+1” is added to a discussion.

Furthermore — if a “like” button is indeed implemented on FlyerTalk — should it really be called “informative”?

As of the time this article was posted, of the 267 members who already voted in the poll — which is shown above — 51.32 percent of FlyerTalk members oppose the addition of a “Like” button to FlyerTalk; while 46.44 percent support its implementation. 2.25 percent of FlyerTalk members abstained.

Mark of Miles From Blighty already alerted you to this debate via this article.

The poll is scheduled to close on Saturday, January 17, 2015; so please be sure to vote and voice your thoughts and opinions in this discussion.

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