If You Ran FlyerTalk, What Would You Do?

Y ou have suddenly been appointed the new manager of FlyerTalk; and everything which is associated with FlyerTalk is now under your purview. You have been tasked with the responsibility of improving the largest frequent flier Internet bulletin board community in the world, which currently boasts 649,563 members who have posted content 26,466,090 times in 1,544,636 discussions.

If you ran FlyerTalk, what would you do?

If You Ran FlyerTalk, What Would You Do?

Paul O’Brien — who is the community manager of FlyerTalk for Internet Brands and is also known as FlyerTalk member IBobi — has announced that Internet Brands is soliciting ways from members of FlyerTalk to improve the community and site experience.

This is your opportunity to voice your thoughts as to what needs to be done to improve the FlyerTalk experience — and it appears that nothing is off the table, so to speak.

Several FlyerTalk members have denounced the usability of the mobile version of FlyerTalk — calling for either its improvement or elimination. Others have requested functionality enhancements — such as adding a “like” button; improving the “emojis” to more sophisticated versions; add tools which can connect FlyerTalk members while they travel; update the fonts for improved legibility; and have the WikiPost function available on mobile portable electronic devices.

Still others have called upon improvements on how FlyerTalk is moderated — either less moderation or more moderation…

…and then there is this gem: “I’d bring Randy back.” FlyerTalk member hoyateach was referring to Randy Petersen, the founder of both BoardingArea and FlyerTalk — amongst other concerns associated with frequent fliers.


Your feedback on how to improve FlyerTalk is currently being solicited. This is your opportunity to state your thoughts and feelings — as well as offer suggestions and recommendations — on how you believe that FlyerTalk can be improved.

Source: Internet Brands.

7 thoughts on “If You Ran FlyerTalk, What Would You Do?”

  1. Rene says:

    IB can’t afford Randy

  2. Pat says:

    I would organize the topics similar to Reddit. Add voting buttons to each topic, and let the popular topics move towards to top.

  3. Henry LAX says:

    Start purging the racists moderators and actually having some guts to ban trolls, even if they have been members for 10+ years. On that site, negativity is celebrated. And for that reason, I engage in 100% ad blocking to ensure they don’t earn half a dime from me.

  4. Former Reader says:

    People still read Flyertalk?

  5. MG says:

    Limit how many bloggers can tout the same credit card offer. It gets to be a bit much after a while.

  6. Ryan says:

    Certainly they need to work on moderator issues. Part of the problem is the draconian rule banning any discussion about moderation. While I get that mods don’t want endless threads whinging about every little thing they do, I’ve seen attempts to bring up global moderation issues (non-attributed to any individual mods) squelched by the powers-that-be using that as an excuse. In fact I’ll be surprised if a Senior Moderator doesn’t swoop in and try to censor the thread that iBobi has opened up!

    I largely agree with @Henry LAX. Some of the worst antagonists and trolls are longtime members with “FlyerTalk Evangelist” and similar titles to their name…it’s disgraceful.

  7. Paul Feagan says:

    I think the issue with Flyer Talk and indeed Boarding Area is that the main contributors and bloggers appear to be part of a cosy clique. It seems that if you attend one of the Frequent Traveller meet ups and do enough networking then you may become part of the clique. But there are plenty of bloggers out there who are happy just to travel, stay, dine and review without ever meeting a fellow blogger.
    For example, Boarding Area has a ‘Become a Blogger’ buttton – I used that to submit my own travel-related blog – didn’t even receive a reply. It may be that someone checked out my blog and decided it wasn’t good enough, but I would have expected a courtesy reply.
    That said, I’m still a regular visitor to these sites and enjoy reading many of the blogs I find there. For FlyerTalk, my main crticism is the overly wordy email that I receive that doesn’t render to well on my iPhone.

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