Source: KbpinAtl on Reddit.

Is This Shower Hole a Good Idea?

Ahh. The shower. While away from home, there is nothing like walking into a hotel room after traveling a long distance or successfully completing a full day of events and sightseeing, turning that knob and being enveloped by steamy hot water to soothe the nerves and relax the muscles prior to a restful night of sleep…

Is This Shower Hole a Good Idea?

…or perhaps you prefer your shower to be in the morning as the virtual coffee which wakes you up and helps you prepare for your full day all fresh and clean.

Either way, you have encountered all types of showers, as it is not just a shower head in a stall behind a curtain…

Source: KbpinAtl on Reddit.

…but have you ever seen a shower stall in the bathroom of a hotel room in which the glass has a hole cut out in it — and what exactly is the purpose of that?

According to this thread which was posted by KbpinAtl — who is a member of Reddit and stayed as a guest at the Hotel Republic San Diego, Autograph Collection, which is where the shower in the photograph is located — “This hole that’s been cut into the glass to turn on the shower without getting wet.”

Other members of Reddit are sharply divided as to whether or not this hole cut into the glass is a good idea — or even what is its purpose, as the debate is that the hole:

  • Is a place to put your towel
  • Permits the warm moist air to escape and the cold air to rush in
  • Prevents the building up of too much steamy air in the shower stall
  • Has water from the shower head splattering outside of it
  • Gives the person who showers a way to control the knob without getting wet
  • Doubles as a handle to open and close the glass door to the shower
  • Allows you to stick your head through and wash only your hair without getting the rest of your body wet
  • Provides a hungry person who is showering to have food passed to him or her — or a beverage for a thirsty person
  • Doubles as a urinal
  • Can be used for various…er…perverted purposes. What? You need for me to spell them out for you?!?

A Couple of Observations…

Although the hotel property is located in the United States, the photograph gives the impression that the glass is one of those annoying partial shower partitions which are prevalent in hotel and resort properties in Europe

…and the shower contains bulk dispensers of toiletries, as Marriott International, Incorporated announced that the miniature bottles and tubes provided in the bathrooms across greater than 7,000 hotel and resort properties will be replaced with what it calls “larger, pump-topped bottles”, with completion of this initiative expected by December of 2020 as part of its overall efforts to reduce plastic waste.

The Hotel Republic San Diego, Autograph Collection is part of the portfolio of hotel and resort properties of Marriott International, Incorporated.

Moreover, the Hotel Republic San Diego, Autograph Collection is located in the state of California, where personal care products in the form of miniature plastic toiletry bottles — which contain fewer than 12 ounces of liquid product — will be banned from lodging establishments to become effective as of Sunday, January 1, 2023.


Is a hole in the glass wall or door of a shower area in a hotel room a great idea — or is it merely a solution in search of a problem?

I do not have an opinion about the hole in the wall at this time because I have not personally experienced it — but what do you think? Have you seen this hole in the shower wall in your travels? If so, did it cause you to stall and let the experience rain down on you — or did you simply feel drained after the experience?

Source: KbpinAtl on Reddit.


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