Major Earthquake in Ecuador: Hundreds Killed and Thousands Injured

I f northwestern Ecuador is in your travel plans over the next few weeks, you may want to consider delaying your travel — or, at least, keep yourself updated as to the latest information pertaining to an earthquake, which measured with a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale and struck 105.6 miles or 170 kilometers west northwest of Quito on Saturday, April 16, 2016, according to this report from the United States Geological Survey.

Major Earthquake in Ecuador: Hundreds Killed and Thousands Injured

The devastating earthquake resulted in at least 238 deaths respectively; as well as a minimum of 1,550 injuries. Many more people are still trapped in rubble; and the death toll is expected to increase.

Much of Pedernales — a popular tourist destination — was devastated.

The effects of the earthquake — the largest to affect Ecuador in decades — were felt as far away as Guayaquil approximately 190 miles to the south of the epicenter, where a bridge was destroyed and rubble littered some of the streets in the largest city in the country. A state of emergency was declared and in effect in at least six provinces in Ecuador.

No casualties were reported in Quito — which is the capital city of Ecuador — and power and telephone services were restored after being out for several hours.

The earthquake in Ecuador occurred only a day after southern Japan experienced its second major earthquake in three days.


If you have flights scheduled to northwestern portions of Ecuador, check with the airline which operates your flights to see if they are affected. Flights to Quito and Guayaquil will most likely not be affected; but taking a couple of minutes to check and be sure never hurts.

Ground transportation options in certain parts of the country might be a different story; so check your options — as well as checking to see if businesses which you intend to patronize will be open and available.

I am hoping that Ecuador is able to recover from this tragedy as quickly and as best as possible. In the meantime, my thoughts and prayers go out to the people who are dead, injured, missing and are otherwise adversely affected by the earthquake; as well as their family, friends and colleagues.

Source of map: United States Geological Society.

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