Must-Watch Video: WestJet Honors Residents of Fire-Ravaged Fort MacMurray For Christmas

“A s a former Albertan, thank you for highlighting this disaster in progress, with no end in immediate sight. The dislocation is major and the future uncertain, with the lives of 80K+ persons in limbo. We often read about trivial ‘First World problems’, but this indeed is one of major magnitude. Though just as Newfoundlanders opened their doors to those stranded during the 9.11 air shutdown, Albertans in the south are opening their doors to these ‘refugees’ (just as they had earlier this year to several thousand families fleeing the horrors of Syria).”

I was genuinely touched by this comment written by DavidB — who is a reader of The Gate — in response to this article I wrote pertaining to the plight of the residents of the town of Fort MacMurray, as everyone was forced to evacuate due to the raging wildfires which consumed portions of their community.

Christmas Miracle video 2016 Fort MacMurray wildfires

Source: WestJet.

At the time that article was written on Friday, May 6, 2016 — five days after the wildfire started — an estimated 88,000 people had already fled the area in what is considered the largest evacuation in the history of the province of Alberta, which was part of the greater than 250,000 acres of land that had already been scorched.

When the wildfires were finally declared under control on Tuesday, July 5, 2016, approximately 1,500,000 acres of land in Alberta and Saskatchewan were burned — and 2,400 homes and buildings were destroyed — in the costliest disaster in the history of Canada. Please read the article for more details on just how dire was the situation.

Many people lost everything to those wildfires.

Must-Watch Video: WestJet Honors Residents of Fire-Ravaged Fort MacMurray For Christmas

Usually at this time of year, WestJet releases one of its classic videos for Christmas — but this year was extra special for the residents of Fort MacMurray, as they felt like the world had forgotten about them.

Not WestJet. You must watch this video; and if it does not bring a tear to your eye, I am not sure what will.


I am not going to tell you exactly what the video was about or how it ends — that would spoil your experience of watching the video…

…but have a tissue or two ready at your side before watching the video — you know….just in case.

This note to Richard Bartrem — who is the the vice president of marketing communications and community relations at WestJet: I am certain that you are one of the “elves” behind this video and in part responsible for bringing this Christmas miracle to reality. I may have poked fun at your Canadian accent earlier this year after WestJet released its 2016 edition of the annual April Fools Day videos; but I sincerely want to thank you and everyone else at WestJet for brightening up the lives of the people of Fort MacMurray and giving them a holiday celebration which they will never forget.

To the residents of Fort MacMurray: you are not forgotten — and I wish for you as speedy a return to recovery as possible so that you can go back to living your lives with some semblance of normalcy, as my thoughts and prayers continue to be with you…

Source: WestJet.

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