New: FlyerTalk Wiki is Now Open

FlyerTalk has long been a valuable resource for discussing all aspects of miles and points — and, eventually, travel and dining as well — but sometimes seeking information buried in content posted 28,275,863 times in 1,607,420 discussions over greater than 19 years can be rather daunting and difficult.

New: FlyerTalk Wiki is Now Open

To remedy that issue, a new reference library of sorts known as the FlyerTalk Wiki is now open. Using similar software and functionality to that of Wikipedia, any member of FlyerTalk who has posted at least 90 times in at least 90 days since joining as a member of FlyerTalk can contribute to what is expected to be a vast repository of information which is concentrated in one location.

“Appropriate topics include airline and program policies, best redemption opportunities, tips and tricks, and any information which is not particularly time-sensitive or temporary”, according to Paul O’Brien, who is the community manager of FlyerTalk for Internet Brands and is also known as FlyerTalk member IBobi. “To get started you may reference the material on (now InsideFlyer) to see if there is any relevant and up-to-date information to leverage. The goal of this FlyerTalk Wiki is to provide an actively and reliably hosted home for the wealth of all the FlyerTalk information you’re interested in.”

The section of the FlyerTalk Wiki which is dedicated to the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards frequent flier loyalty program is an example of “what this Wiki can really do when curated well”, according to O’Brien. You can also access the section of the FlyerTalk Wiki which is dedicated to the American Airlines AAdvantage frequent flier loyalty program as another example.

In addition to airline frequent flier loyalty programs, the frequent travel loyalty programs of lodging companies and rental car companies — as well as credit card programs — can also be edited.

Instructions on how to edit the FlyerTalk Wiki begin here.


Many areas of the FlyerTalk Wiki are waiting to be filled with useful information from knowledgeable frequent travelers such as yourself — and if you happen to find yourself at FlyerTalk but forget how to access the FlyerTalk Wiki…

FlyerTalk Wiki access

Source: FlyerTalk.

…simply go to the EXTRAS menu in the navigation bar at the top of the forums of FlyerTalk and click on FlyerTalk Wiki — or…

FlyerTalk Wiki access

Source: FlyerTalk.

…go to the HELP menu in the navigation bar at the top of the “front page” — or main news area — of FlyerTalk and click on FT Wiki.

FlyerTalk and InsideFlyer are useful in their own ways in providing information to frequent fliers; and weblogs at BoardingArea — such as The Gate — and elsewhere can be useful as well. No one entity can be a definitive catch-all of information…

…and in addition to the InsideFlyer Wiki, the FlyerTalk Wiki now adds another resource to the mix of frequent fliers and travelers who share beneficial information which can potentially be even easier to find.

Source: FlyerTalk.

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