Nostalgia: Eastern Air Lines Radio Commercial From 1966

R adio was huge during its heyday in New York; and one of the most popular radio stations in the world was 77 WABC-AM, which broadcast popular music for 22 years until it adapted a talk show format on Monday, May 10, 1982 — “the day the music died” on 770 on the AM radio dial.

Featured this week at is an aircheck from veteran radio personality Dan Ingram, who voiced a commercial for Eastern Air Lines and its new non-stop Whisperjet service — presumably with its fleet of Boeing 727 aircraft — from LaGuardia Airport in New York to Saint Louis. I will save the details of the short 52-second radio commercial for you to listen to it.

After being in business since 1926, Eastern Airlines ceased operations at midnight Saturday, January 19, 1991; but a new iteration of Eastern Air Lines is expected to enter into commercial aviation service operations starting sometime in 2016…

…but at almost 81 years old and having long been retired from the radio business, I highly doubt that Dan Ingram will voice any radio commercials for the new Eastern Air Lines once its operations have officially launched.

Start at 3:18 in this clip to hear the commercial.

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