Plastic Explosives? You Must Be Pudding Me On…

 passenger had to ap-pease staff at a security checkpoint at Newcastle International Airport in England to ensure them that his six tubs of pease pudding were not plastic explosives, according to this article written by Becky Pemberton for the Daily Mail.

It may have been pie in the sky to convince those crusty security agents to allow him to proceed with not only the supply of pease pudding; but also with several pies from a Greggs bakery — without having to rub-a-dub-dub him and his six tubs.

Reports do not specify whether or not the unidentified man had a joint in the pot in which his pease pudding was cooked — a ham joint, to be more specific.

It has not been confirmed as to whether or not the pudding — which is also known as pease porridge — was hot or cold; or nine days old.

Fortunately, the man and his pease split — but not before he offered the security agents to sample it first to prove that he was not pudding them through a fairy tale of a story.

Other people may have boiled over from being delayed unnecessarily; but the man — who was 58 years old — apparently was as cool as a carrot, which was part of the root of this non-event in the first place.

Food, glorious food: it can land you in trouble when you least expect it.

Please accept my apologies for serving up this half-baked article to you, as I hope that you are not steamed over reading it — but I will take the heat…

2 thoughts on “Plastic Explosives? You Must Be Pudding Me On…”

  1. justSaying says:

    so Brian just wondering is your cap size bigger or smaller than Bruce Bochy? I mean really can’t Boarding Area come up with a splash page for you that is a just bit less cerebrail????? I believe Monty Python has a comment of relevance here………..

  2. Ryan says:

    I think Pudding Guy should weigh in on this! lol

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